Book News #2

Sarah Vance TompkinsThe Fairy Godmother’s Rule Book will be published in 2016 by Swoon Romance. A twenty-five-year-old late bloomer with a slow metabolism, terrible eyesight, and a paralyzing fear of birds, discovers her true calling as a fairy godmother who must spark a romance between her overachieving step-sister and a billionaire, if only she hadn't fallen for him in the process.

Emily Bleeker signed a two-book deal with Lake Union Publishing for Letters from Dust. A young widower and father receives letters of guidance and comfort from his deceased wife, but when the letters begin to raise questions about her past, he becomes obsessed with her secrets, and questions if he ever really knew his wife at all. Expected publication begins in 2016.

Bestselling author Kristen Proby signed a three-book deal with William Morrow for Listen to MeThe first book in the new Fusion series follows five long-time girlfriends who co-own a hip restaurant in Portland in which the restaurant's manager finds herself falling for a former superstar rocker, whose posters adorned her walls years ago, when he swaggers through the doors to apply for a weekend music gig. Expected publication in Spring 2016.

Kayti McGee's That Thing You Do will be published by St. Martin’s Press. A perpetual bridesmaid who doesn't believe in love plans a series of fake dates to get her friends off her back about dating, only to face the possibility of a real relationship as sparks fly between her and a handsome DJ.

Lindsey Rosin's Cherry will be published by Simon Pulse. A humorous look at four best girlfriends' last year of high school; about sex and love and friendship; about first times and last times; about the memories and choices and mistakes we make—and the people we make them with. Expected publication in Spring 2016.

Allison Pearson's sequel to her 2002 bestseller I Don’t Know How She Does It will be published by St. Martin’s Press and The Borough Press. Kate Reddy returns to the workforce on the cusp of turning 50, addressing the challenges of being a parent in the era of social media, ageist discrimination against women in the workplace, the struggle to remain relevant, and all the hard questions women must ask themselves as they get older. Expected publication in Fall 2016.

Former Golden Apple Author of the Year K.M. Jackson signed a three-book deal plus a novella with Dafina for Insert Groom Here. The first in the Unconventional Brides series follows a Manhattanite who was dumped on-air and then attempts to salvage her public persona by participating in the network's new show to find a replacement groom for her original wedding date.

Stephanie Scott's Alterations will be published by Bloomsbury SparkA re-imagining of the movie Sabrina set in Miami in which a shy fashion designer is caught between her lifelong crush and his nerdy brother after she gives herself a makeover. Expected publication in 2016.

Founder of the lifestyle blog The Chic SiteRachel Hollis’s Fan Girl will be published by Lake Union Publishing in January 2016. The next book in her trilogy about three best friends striving to find success and love amidst the glitz and glamour of L.A. follows a free-spirited, unabashedly geeky event designer who decides to use her favorite romance novels as a guide to snaring the man of her dreams, but things don't go quite as she planned.

Jamie Beck signed a two-book deal with Montlake Romance for Accidentally Hers. A sexy ski guide whose future is threatened by a run-in with a drunk driver tumbles head over heels for his determined physical therapist, who also is the driver's sister.

Samantha Joyce signed a two-book deal with Pocket Star for Flirting with Fame. A young woman keeps her identity as a bestselling author a secret, but when she finds out her books will be made into a TV series with none other than her celebrity crush as the star, she hires someone to pretend to be her on set, and as things fall apart, she finds herself with a choice to make.

Olivia Dade signed a four-book deal with Lyrical Press for Broken Resolutions. A librarian makes a resolution to swear off men in the coming year but ends up falling for one of the men at the library's New Year's Eve singles night. Expected publication in December 2015.

Laura Stampler's Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies will be published by Simon Pulse. It is described as The Devil Wears Prada meets Sex and the City. When a girl scores the summer internship of a lifetime, she moves to New York City to work at the hottest women's magazine in the country, but there's just one problem: she's not exactly the dating expert she claimed to be on her job application.