Book Review: The Divorce Party

Nancy’s Review of The Divorce Party by Laura Dave

How hard should you work to be with the person you love? Laura Dave’s The Divorce Party, published by Penguin Books, follows the stories of Gwyn Huntington and Maggie Mackenzie who ask themselves this question. Gwyn is throwing a party to celebrate her divorce and Maggie is planning to marry Gwyn’s son, Nate. The novel is written from both Gwyn’s and Maggie’s perspectives, alternating by chapter. Both perspectives give readers a clear picture of how the lives of these two women intersect, despite their differences.

Gwyn has been married to Thomas Huntington for nearly thirty-five years. They live wealthy lives in a Victorian home called Hunt Hall in Montauk, New York. Maggie has been dating Nate for eighteen months and they live in Brooklyn, New York in a modest apartment above the restaurant they plan to open together. Nate decides to bring Maggie home to meet his parents for the first time on the day of the divorce party. That same morning, Nate also decides to tell Maggie that his family is wealthy, a fact that he has kept from Maggie throughout their relationship. As a result, Maggie is confused by the news and does not understand why Nate kept his upbringing and his family’s wealth a secret from her. She begins to question their relationship and a chance encounter on the bus to Montauk with one of Nate’s ex-girlfriends leaves Maggie with even more questions. Meanwhile, Gwyn is struggling to let her marriage go. Despite her husband’s lies, which she tells him she believes, she actually knows his real reason for ending their marriage. She knows the secret that he has been hiding from her and their children. As she relives memories of happier times and acknowledges that she has devoted her life to their marriage and to Hunt Hall, she can’t help but wonder what happens next. What will happen after the divorce party?

The Divorce Party
questions whether or not you can truly know someone. It is an insightful novel filled with honesty, humor, and charm. The relationships are believable, making it easy to jump into the lives of the characters and feel what they are feeling. This novel also has some unexpected twists that will keep readers absorbed in the story, eagerly wanting to see where each page will take them. The Divorce Party is highly recommended for anyone who has ever been in love.

Laura Dave is also the author of London Is the Best City in America and the forthcoming The First Husband. Her writing has been featured in several publications including The New York Times, Redbook, and Glamour. The film rights for The Divorce Party have been picked up by Universal Studios and the film will be produced by Echo Films, Jennifer Aniston’s production company. For more information about Laura Dave and her novels, please visit her Web site and follow her updates on Twitter.
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