Book Review: Italian for Beginners

Nancy’s Review of Italian for Beginners by Kristin Harmel

Italian for Beginners
is a fun getaway from author Kristin Harmel, who has written six novels, four for adults and two for teens. Published by 5 Spot, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing, Italian For Beginners takes readers on Cat Connelly’s journey as she goes outside of her comfort zone to visit her former lover, Francesco, in Italy. 

Prompted by an embarrassing incident at her sister’s wedding where she is painfully reminded just how single she is, Cat goes to Rome after exchanging emails with Francesco. However, reuniting with him is not what she thought it would be, leaving her stranded. Luckily, Cat meets Karina, a waitress who is willing to help her out and give her a place to stay. Karina and Cat become sources of support and encouragement for each other. Together they form an unlikely friendship and help each other realize what family really means.

The opening wedding scene is far-fetched, but it is worth reading to get to the Italian adventure. Rome is described in vivid detail and it will make readers wish they were on their own getaway in this beautiful city. The references to American popular culture, including nods to the Audrey Hepburn movie Roman Holiday, are clever and amusing. Harmel has the ability to write stories that are entertaining and funny but are also filled with emotion and self-discovery.

For another exciting European escape, be sure to also check out Harmel’s The Art of French Kissing. To learn more about Harmel, you can visit her Web site, become a fan on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter. You can also learn more about the books published by 5 Spot on their Web site.
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