"You look beautiful, by the way."

Hi everyone!

When people talk about chick lit and read it, they often focus on the leading lady, the female main character that keeps the story moving. She is usually easy to relate to and has a lot of fun quirks. She goes through several changes throughout the novel and readers either like or dislike who she becomes at the end. Most of the time, other characters get overlooked. What about the leading man? Since this is chick lit, the "chick" is emphasized the most. However, not today. Today I am dedicating this post to the men in chick lit. This is for the male characters that we love or love to hate. The leading man of the day is Wyatt Hayes IV from Bridie Clark's The Overnight Socialite. This particular story is a modern retelling of Pygmalion. Wyatt believes that he can transform any woman into a socialite and sets out to prove this by convincing Lucy, an ordinary girl who is down on her luck, to be part of his project. Wyatt is an interesting character because he is not an ordinary leading man with a typical career that has been written about in many novels. Instead, Wyatt is an anthropologist and he is secretly writing a book about Lucy as he observes her during her social transformation. He is completely oblivious to his own personal transformation that is occurring as he develops a relationship with Lucy. He is an endearing character who unknowingly becomes the subject of his own experiment. Wyatt has some of the best lines in the book, which is somewhat common for male main characters and secondary characters. Readers do not necessarily want other characters to steal the show from the female main character but they do want them to have active, meaningful roles. The Overnight Socialite is as much Lucy's story as it is Wyatt's story. I'll wrap this up with an instruction from Wyatt to Lucy. "You're not Britney Spears. You need to learn how to get out of a car without flashing an entire city block. Try it again." 

Who are your favorite male characters in chick lit? Let us know!

xo, Nancy