Book Review: Georgia's Kitchen

Kelly's Review of Georgia's Kitchen by Jenny Nelson

Author Jenny Nelson’s debut novel Georgia’s Kitchen is a gourmand and chick lit lover’s dream come true. Set in both NYC and Tuscany, Italy, the reader follows Georgia Gray on her journey to find love, courage to follow her passion and most importantly, herself.

At thirty-three years old, Georgia is head chef at one of New York City’s swankiest eateries and fiancé to Glenn, a successful lawyer. All of a sudden, her world comes crashing down around her when a slanderous restaurant review costs Georgia her job and Glenn unexpectedly calls off the wedding. With a ruined reputation and a broken heart, Georgia decides to escape from the city and spend the summer in Tuscany cooking for her former mentor.

Endless amounts of cheese, wine, and her new Italian lover, Gianni, revive Georgia and quickly have her feeling like herself again. After a fairytale summer, she is faced with the decision to take the opportunity of a lifetime or return to NYC and follow her dream – to open her own restaurant.

Nelson navigates the culinary world with such ease, one would guess she studied at Le Cordon Bleu in a former life. Her descriptions of ingredients and entrees are so deliciously detailed that you can almost taste them.

Georgia’s Kitchen tackles a number of issues to which nearly every twenty and thirty-something woman can relate. Georgia asks herself “When will I find The One?” “If I do find him, will I still be young enough to have children?” “Do I even want children?” “Should I have started a family rather than focus on my career?” Georgia’s struggle to separate societal and familial expectations from what she really wants out of life is a familiar predicament for the modern woman.

Nelson has worked as a web editor and producer for companies such as iVillage, and She now lives with her husband, twin daughters and dog in Millbrook, NY and Manhattan.

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