Book Review: The Kiss Test

Nancy’s Review of The Kiss Test by Shannon McKelden

Can’t help falling in love with The Kiss Test by Shannon McKelden. This hilarious novel follows two best friends, Margo and Chris, on a road trip to Graceland and Los Angeles. The Elvis-themed ebook is McKelden’s third after Venus Envy and Venus Guy Trap.

Margo Gentry is a country music DJ in New York, lives with her boyfriend, Kevin, and is obsessed with all things Elvis. Her life seems to be going well until she loses her job. As if that’s not enough, she has a huge fight with Kevin when she refuses his marriage proposal and he kicks her out. Reluctantly, Margo turns to her lifelong best friend, Chris, for a place to stay. He is a player, to say the least, but he agrees to let her stay with him even if it could present problems when he wants to bring random women home who have passed his "kiss test." When Margo tries to make a quick getaway so she won’t ruin one of Chris’s dates, she has an accident on the stairs that leaves her with a concussion. Determined to make the best of her unemployment, homelessness, and head injury, Margo decides to go on a road trip to Graceland. Since she can’t drive, Chris invites himself along to be her chauffeur and personally escort her all the way to Los Angeles after Graceland to ensure that she goes to her mother’s eleventh wedding. The road trip is anything but smooth. By the time they reach Los Angeles, Margo wonders how everything got so complicated.

The Kiss Test
is laugh-out-loud funny. McKelden’s quirky dialogue adds a flow to the book that pulls readers right into Margo’s story. The banter between Margo and Chris is expertly crafted. McKelden has the ability to make scenes so vivid and believable that readers will feel like they are there with the characters. Adding some fun new twists, McKelden successfully tells the classic story of two best friends trying to figure out if they are really just friends. This book is definitely worth reading.   

The Kiss Test is available now from Carina Press, Harlequin’s digital imprint.

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