Book Review - Time of My Life: A Novel

Elise’s Review of Time of My Life: A Novel by Allison Winn Scotch

We all take certain paths in life and occasionally look back and wonder…what if I had taken the other path? In Allison Winn Scotch’s Time of My Life: A Novel (a New York Times bestseller!!) we see firsthand what happens when Jillian Westfield is given the opportunity to escape her “boring” life as a suburban wife and mother and find out what might have happened if she had chosen to take a different, maybe more exciting, path.

Jillian is transported (via massage table) into the past to a time before she met her husband when she was dating the exciting Jackson and working as an advertising executive in Manhattan. As a suburban mom Jillian idealized this time in her life, and relishes the chance to relive it again and maybe even change her future. Jillian is faced with old (and new) choices as she navigates her past and is given the chance to really see what might have happened had she never married Henry or given birth to the lovable Katie.

This book is for anyone, in any stage of life, who has ever wanted a “do over.” Scotch carefully depicts the excitement, anxiety, and agony that Jillian experiences as she relives her past decisions. She creates a lovable, yet conflicted, character that you can root for. Jillian’s journey isn’t an easy one, and Scotch guides readers through an emotional and poignant roller coaster ride. 

Allison Winn Scotch has contributed freelance articles to many magazines, including InStyle, Glamour, Self, Shape, Parents, and American Baby, and is also the author of The Department of Lost & Found  and The One That I Want. For more information about the author or Time of My Life you can visit the book’s website or the author’s blog or follow her on Twitter. To learn more about other books published by Random House you can visit their website.
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