Harry Loves Lisa

Recently, I watched two episodes of TV Land’s new reality show Harry Loves Lisa. The show follows the lives of married couple Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna. Rinna is best known for her role on Melrose Place and Hamlin is best known for his role on LA Law. Hamlin and Rinna have both been on Dancing with the Stars, which is where I became familiar with them. I thought Hamlin was boring and Rinna was annoying. That is why I was skeptical of this reality show. I didn’t think it would be very entertaining, but decided to give it a chance. I was pleasantly surprised. Rinna and Hamlin are nothing like what I was expecting. They are funny and relatively normal for celebrities. It is fun to see a Hollywood couple at a different stage in their marriage, as opposed to the newlyweds Giuliana & Bill. So far, I’m enjoying Harry Loves Lisa. If you get a chance, check it out and see if you like it too. Let me know what you think. 

Here’s more about the show:

Harry Loves Lisa
In October, TV Land will premiere the six-episode docu-soap Harry Loves Lisa, featuring pop-culture sensation Lisa Rinna and her heartthrob husband, Harry Hamlin. The series centers on the relationship between Rinna and Hamlin as they navigate the highs and lows of a devoted family living a hectic Hollywood lifestyle. Harry Loves Lisa brings to life the romantic notion that opposites attract as Lisa's playful spontaneity differs from Harry's more reserved demeanor. Audiences will watch as the two balance their differences in the midst of insane professional lives as working actors and entrepreneurs who are parenting two pre-teen daughters. One of Hollywood's most enduring couples, the Hamlins' contradictory personalities make for amazing chemistry, both on screen and off. 

Watch a sneak peak here