Chick Lit Writing Classes

Here are two exciting opportunities for aspiring chick lit writers. Media Bistro is hosting Novel Writing: Chick Lit taught by author Megan Crane and Novel Writing: Chick Lit: Advanced taught by author Kristin Harmel. The first class starts on November 15th and the advanced class starts on November 22nd. The classes are a bit pricey at $499 each, but well worth it for eight weeks of learning the craft of writing chick lit from well known authors in the genre. Megan Crane is the author of English as a Second Language, Everyone Else's Girl, Frenemies, Names My Sisters Call Me, and forthcoming I Love the 80s. She also writes romance novels under the pen name Caitlin Crews. Kristin Harmel is the author of How to Sleep with a Movie Star, The Blonde Theory, The Art of French Kissing, and Italian for Beginners, as well as two young adult novels. She also writes for People, Glamour, American Baby, Woman's Day, and Health. The great part about these writing classes is that they are offered online, so anyone anywhere in the world can take them. If you take one or both of these classes or have taken them before, we would love your feedback.
Happy writing!