Pretty Little Pocket Full of Secrets: Moments Later

Welcome to the first installment of Pretty Little Pocket Full of Secrets, a weekly recap and discussion of each Pretty Little Liars episode. Are you excited? I know I am! The second half of season 1 premiered on ABC Family last night. Each new episode airs every Monday at 8pm, so you can expect Pretty Little Pocket Full of Secrets right here at The Chick Lit Bee every Tuesday, as long as new episodes are airing. If you don't already know, the TV series Pretty Little Liars is based on the book series of the same name by Sara Shepard. If you haven't read the books or watched the show, you really need to because it isn't just for teenagers. It's compelling, riveting, keeps you guessing, and all of that good stuff. So, basically Pretty Little Pocket Full of Secrets will give you something to hold onto and lock in your pocket to think about until the next episode. As always, please share your thoughts in the comments section. Okay, okay. Enough info. Let's get to it.

Last night's episode, "Moments Later," picked up where the summer finale left off. Hanna was purposely hit by a car outside of Camp Mona, Mona's birthday party. The episode begins with Hanna's mom finding out about the accident and Aria, Emily, and Spencer watching as Hanna is taken to the hospital. Hanna remains in the hospital for the entire episode but we quickly learn that she's okay, only a broken leg, broken ankle, and some bruises. She tells the rest of the girls that A is Noel Kahn, her boyfriend Sean's friend, who Hanna set Aria up with on a date during the first half of the season. Aria noticed Noel in the woods outside of Camp Mona too but she doubts that he is A. Meanwhile, we also learn that Toby went to jail and he is no longer suspected as A either. Spencer discovers that Ian spent the night with her sister, Melissa, and by the end of the episode they are married. In the previous episode we learned that Alison and Ian used to be together secretly before Alison disappeared and their names were carved together on a tree. When Spencer takes Aria to the tree to show her the carving, they find that the whole tree was cut down. The last scene of the episode shows the part of the tree with the names on it burning in someone's fireplace. Aria and Ezra still struggle with their relationship and vow to be even more careful than they have been in the past because Noel saw them in the car together outside of Camp Mona, so he knows they are a couple. Aria also confides in the rest of the girls about her relationship with Ezra. They are shocked that she has been dating a teacher. Emily reveals to her parents that she is gay, to their surprise and disapproval. Hanna has many visitors while she's in the hospital, including a visit from Alison. It could have been real or a dream/hallucination. Lucas also comes to visit and Hanna suspects that he wants to be more than friends. She turns him down. In the episode's last scene of the girls together, they discover that A wrote a message on Hanna's cast while she was sleeping. They are freaked out and wonder who wrote the message. Hanna suspects that A and Alison's killer are not the same person.

I really enjoyed this episode and I'm so glad that the show is back. Noel looked hot when he was in the woods in his hoodie. I noticed him more in this episode than in the other episode he was in. It's almost a shame that Aria isn't interested in him. I don't think Noel is A. I think he was telling the truth when he said he was playing a joke on Aria and that's why he wrote "I see you" on Ezra's car. I doubt he was driving the car that hit Hanna. I think it was funny how they tried to make Lucas's visit to Hanna's room seem creepy at first but then he was only there to kiss her. I think he's a nice guy and I like their friendship. I don't know if I see them as a couple but it was sad when she turned him down. The marriage between Ian and Melissa was random and strange. I'm sure it's setting something up for future episodes but I don't know what. When Hanna saw Alison in the hospital and talked to her, I was confused. Was it real? Was it a dream? Why didn't she mention it to anyone else or acknowledge it at all during the rest of the episode? Is Alison still alive? That particular scene left a lot of unanswered questions. I haven't read the book series but plan to read it so I can see the differences between the books and the show. I'd love to hear about some of the differences that you already see in the show if you have read the books, so please share. I don't understand why Jenna wouldn't "allow" Emily to go visit Toby. Why does she have any control over that? Why doesn't Emily just go to the jail and visit him? I liked the strange friendship between Toby and Emily, so I hope we get to see more of that in future episodes. I also think the chemistry was lacking a bit between Aria and Ezra in last night's episode. I hope they don't break up but I have a feeling their relationship is going to change.

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