Pretty Little Pocket Full of Secrets: Know Your Frenemies

In last night's episode, Know Your Frenemies, Spencer hears Melissa and Ian whispering in the kitchen after they return from their honeymoon. She tries to hear what they are saying but is unable to. Eventually, she learns from Melissa that they are trying to have a baby but were also trying to keep it a secret. Spencer decides to call the resort in South Carolina where Ian and Alison stayed to see if she can find anything out about their trip together. Emily is skeptical that Ian was involved in Alison's disappearance. The relationship between Hanna and her mom is a bit strained since all of their "borrowed" money was stolen at Hanna's surprise party. A tells Hanna that she will get the money back if she goes to a certain address. When Hanna arrives at the address, it is a cupcake shop. A text messages Hanna and tells her to sit down outside of the store and eat six cupcakes that are decorated with pigs. Hanna agrees and eats all of the cupcakes in front of football players who make fun of her. Aria shows up and Hanna confides in her that Alison used to help her throw up after a binge. Aria tells Hanna that is really dangerous behavior but Hanna assures her that she has changed. When Hanna goes into the bathroom alone, she contemplates throwing up but doesn't. She grabs some paper towels and discovers the money attached to the towels. A kept his/her promise. Elsewhere in Rosewood, Toby is tormented on the street and at school being called a killer and a murderer since everyone thinks he killed Alison. Spencer doubts it is Toby and begins to soften towards him. Emily and Maya have a study date. When Emily's mom comes home and finds them together, she freaks out. In Maya's hurry to leave, she leaves her backpack behind. Emily's mom goes through it and discovers drugs. She forbids Emily from seeing Maya and turns Maya in. The other girls arrange for Emily to see Maya one last time before Maya goes to juvie. Noel threatens Ezra by implying that he will report Ezra to the principal for dating Aria if he does not change Noel's grade on a paper. Ezra refuses to change it. Aria finds out from her brother that Noel is going to tell the principal, so she rushes over to Ezra's apartment to spend the night with him. He reveals that he is going to quit his job and leave Rosewood so Noel can't report him. When they arrive at school the next day, Noel gets in trouble for cheating before Ezra has a chance to resign, so it looks like Ezra will be staying. At the end of the episode, the girls are at Spencer's house when Aria receives a text from A to look at her computer. A sent them a video of Alison and Ian together the night that Alison disappeared. It isn't shown but implied by background noise that Ian killed Alison. The girls are shocked. They hear someone outside, so they chase after him/her but the person, presumably A, gets away.  
This wasn't my favorite episode. It was interesting and kept the story moving along but it wasn't as exciting as other episodes. I was disappointed that Lucas wasn't in this episode at all, so there weren't any Hanna/Lucas scenes. I think it will be interesting to see where the Spencer/Toby storyline goes. I think Spencer is going to befriend Toby now that she is pretty sure he didn't kill Alison. I don't think Noel is A, even though he was outside of the bakery when Hanna ate all the cupcakes. I think that was just a coincidence. Hanna's scenes were really sad. I think she is starting to unravel a bit because of A's demands and the money problems. I wouldn't be surprised if she leans on Lucas in future episodes, even though they aren't on the best terms right now. I'm more and more suspicious of Ian. I think he is A. He seems so secretive and creepy. If we are to believe the video, it seems like he really did kill Alison, unless Alison and Ian faked the video and made it seem like he killed her but she's actually still alive somewhere. I really think she's still alive. How else would A know all of the girls' secrets that only Alison knew? I think maybe Ian and Alison are A together. Can't wait to see the next episode Careful What U Wish 4.
That's all for this week's PLPFS. To catch up on the previous two episodes and read my thoughts on them, check out Moments Later and Salt Meets Wound. Don't forget to share your opinions with us and come back next Tuesday for another recap and discussion of PLL.

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