Pretty Little Pocket Full of Secrets: Careful What U Wish 4

In last night's episode, Careful What U Wish 4, the Liars try to make sense of the creepy video of Ian and Alison. They are interrupted by Ian, though he doesn't see what they were watching, and they all think he's a killer. At school, the Liars decorate for the dance-a-thon dance. Hanna tells Sean that she needs to get a job so she can make money to buy earrings, but she really needs money to pay her mom back for their money that was stolen. Aria's former babysitter, Simone, is back in town and surprises Aria. Aria's mom sets Simone up with Ezra since she thinks he's single. Emily can't reach Maya, so Hanna gives Emily's phone to new kid Caleb to help her. The Liars want to turn Spencer's laptop in to police since it has the video of Alison and Ian on it but they realize that the laptop was stolen from Spencer's bag. Emily tries to get her phone back early from Caleb but he charges her more for his services. Hanna tries to get a job at a clothing store but they won't hire her because her mom owes the store money. Aria shows up at Ezra's apartment without calling first and he tells her that he has to leave to meet Simone for coffee. Spencer asks Ian if he has seen her laptop and he says no. He tells her that he will be chaperoning the dance. The Liars are really uncomfortable at the dance because Ian is there. Simone shows up at the dance and Aria wasn't expecting her to be there. She is there to see Ezra who is also a chaperon. She likes him a lot and Aria is jealous. Emily sees Ian lock his briefcase in his desk, so the other girls try to get the key. Eventually, Aria gets the key and gives it to Spencer. Hanna tells Caleb off for overcharging Emily for her phone. A texts Hanna and tells her that he/she will pay her to dance with Lucas. Sean dumps Hanna because she is dancing with Lucas and she can't tell him why. Emily finally reaches Maya but is disappointed when Maya is really distant. Emily gets upset and drinks all of the alcohol in the flask that Hanna brought to the dance. A keeps texting Hanna offering more and more money to dance with Lucas. Caleb helps Spencer break into Ian's desk but the laptop isn't there. Aria is so jealous of Ezra and Simone that she tries to confront them, but Spencer intervenes and asks Ezra to dance. Emily drunkenly tells Hanna that Hanna is just like Alison for torturing Lucas by dancing with him when she knows how he feels about her and she doesn't feel the same way about him. Then, Emily confronts Ian and says that they all know what he did. Spencer covers it up by saying that she told them that he kissed her last summer. He threatens her if that's not the truth. Lucas wants to take Hanna home but she refuses, telling him that Emily needs her. She pulls her scarf out of her pocket and all of the money she earned from dancing with Lucas falls out. Then, she goes with Emily and Spencer to Spencer's house. Ezra and Aria argue about Simone but Ezra assures Aria that he's in love with her. Hanna helps Emily to bed since she's drunk. She tells Emily she feels horrible about dancing with Lucas and admits that her actions were worse than Alison's. She says she had to mess with Lucas and that it wasn't for fun, but she realizes Emily is asleep, so she doesn't elaborate. Spencer and Hanna find the laptop on the coffee table and discover that the video was erased. Instead, there is a picture of Alison that says, "Watch your backs. I didn't. -A." The last scene is back at the coat check at the dance. Aria's mom gives a jacket and gloves back to someone who is unseen and who is presumably A. 
I didn't like the Hanna/Lucas scenes. Before watching the episode, I read somewhere that there were going to be some sweet moments between Hanna and Lucas at a dance, but I didn't think their scenes were sweet at all. I think Hanna is reverting back to her old ways because of A. She came such a long way in the first half of the season and actually became friends with Lucas and seemed to really like him. Now, she's acting like the popular girl again who is way too good for him and just uses him for her own benefit. I was hoping she wouldn't give into A and wouldn't torture Lucas like that just for money but she did. A definitely knows Hanna's weaknesses since he/she made her eat all those cupcakes in the last episode too. I think Hanna needs to stand up to A eventually. I really don't like what she did to Lucas because I was rooting for them and now it's ruined. I doubt they will ever get together. Supposedly, Hanna and Caleb are going to date in upcoming episodes. I don't really like Caleb. He seems like a jerk who has secrets of his own. I bet he will cause trouble for the Liars. I wonder if Simone will be in any other episodes to cause more drama between Ezra and Aria. I also wonder if their relationship can handle anything else. They already have to sneak around but adding Simone to the mix makes everything even more difficult for them. I don't really know what to make of the whole Ian situation right now. He is definitely creepy but it's hard to know exactly what he has done. I'm not totally convinced that he killed Alison, despite the video that A sent to the Liars. The next episode is If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again. Can't wait to see what happens!

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