Pretty Little Pocket Full of Secrets: If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again

In last night's episode, If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again, the Liars try to figure out who the shadow is in the picture of Alison that A sent in the previous episode. The girls determine that the photo had to have been taken from Alison's bedroom, so maybe it was her brother, Jason, who took it. Spencer volunteers to talk to Jason about it since he's back in town. Hanna's mom finds out that the woman she stole the money from, Miss Potter, made an appointment to see her. When Spencer meets up with Jason, he tells her that he will have his private investigator determine if the photo is real or not. Emily rejoins the swim team and beats her record time. Spencer gets tickets for Aria and Ezra to attend an art gallery exhibit out of town so they can have a real date. Paige is on the swim team with Emily and she is threatened by Emily. She gives everyone on the team presents so that they will like her more than Emily. Aria asks Ezra to the art exhibit and he accepts. Hanna gets detention for ditching PE too many times. A puts a card in Hanna's locker that A will pay Hanna if she gives a ticket to the art exhibit to Aria's mom so she can see that Aria is dating a teacher. Hanna goes home and finds her mom very upset about money issues, so Hanna reluctantly agrees to do what A asks of her. Paige confronts Emily in the locker room with a homophobic slur. Hanna puts the art exhibit ticket in Aria's mom's mailbox at school. Hanna feels bad about this, so she tells Aria not to go on the date. This results in an argument between Aria and Hanna. Emily tells Spencer about Paige's inappropriate comment in the locker room. They open Paige's gift and find that it is a bracelet similar to Alison's duplicate bracelet. They plan to go to the store and ask who purchased Alison's fake bracelet. Hanna tries to stop Aria's mom from using the ticket but she isn't quick enough and has to go to detention. Caleb is in detention too and Hanna tells him that she was trying to stop Aria's mom from going somewhere. Aria goes to Ezra's apartment to meet him for their date and is surprised to find that he has rented a limo for them. Aria's mom's car won't start when she tries to go to the art exhibit. The swim coach confronts Paige and Emily about the homophobic comment but Emily refuses to talk about it. Aria's dad shows up to help Aria's mom with her car but they can't fix it, so he drives her to the exhibit. Jason shows up at Spencer's house to tell her that the photo of Alison is real. He says that he may have taken the picture but doesn't remember because at the time, he was always high. He tells Spencer that he used to get high with Ian a lot. Spencer tells Emily that she told the swim coach about Paige's comment. Emily gets upset and leaves Spencer's house. Aria and Ezra have a great time at the exhibit. Her mom never comes inside because she ends up kissing Aria's dad in the car. Hanna is upset and shows up at her mom's office before her appointment with Miss Potter. They find out that Miss Potter passed away that day. Spencer goes alone to the bracelet store and the clerk tells her that Alison's bracelet was bought by Spencer. Aria and Hanna talk and work everything out without Hanna telling her about A's request or the money issues. Paige holds Emily underwater to scare her and threatens her. Caleb reveals to Hanna that he was the one who messed with Aria's mom's car so she couldn't go to the exhibit. Aria and her mom lie to each other about where they were the night before. Spencer tells the other girls that she had a huge fight with Alison before the photo was taken and she is the shadow in the picture because she was chasing Alison after Alison stormed out of her house. Spencer blames herself for Alison's death. The Liars see Jason in the window across from Spencer's bedroom window. The last scene is back at the bracelet store. The clerk tells A that she did exactly what A asked her to do.  

It seems to me like there have been three episodes in a row that are just moving the plot forward. They haven't had any intense action or huge reveals since the season premiere. While it is slightly disappointing, I understand that not all episodes can be edge-of-your-seat exciting. My favorite scene of last night's episode was when Aria asked Ezra to the art exhibit. She went into his classroom, and even though there were other students there, she still managed to ask him out on the sly. I loved the song that was playing, Hey Na Na by Katie Hertzig. The date between Aria and Ezra was nice. It was great to see them actually having fun. I think it was sweet that he got a limo for them to go in but I also wonder if he did that on purpose so they wouldn't be seen by anyone on the train. I'm annoyed with Hanna. I think she has taken so many steps backward. I can't believe she gave the ticket to Aria's mom just because A told her to. I understand that her mom has money problems but still. It was totally uncalled for and I'm glad Spencer said that line about standing up to bullies. Hanna is totally being bullied by A because she feels so bad for her mom. A is so manipulative, but would we expect anything less from A? I don't know what will happen with Caleb and Hanna. I don't really like Caleb. He tries to act like such a "bad boy" but he isn't appealing at all. I think Emily was justified in being upset with Spencer. Spencer had no right to tell the swim coach about Paige's comment without asking Emily first if she wanted her help. Even though she thought she was helping and protecting Emily, sometimes she needs to back off. Emily is capable of taking care of situations on her own and Spencer's comment to Emily about Emily never standing up to Alison was a low blow. I don't really understand the ending when Jason was in the window across from Spencer's house. Whose house was he in? Are we supposed to know? Because I don't. Hopefully, Noel and Lucas will make some appearances in next week's episode, Je Suis une Amie. It looks like an exciting episode. We'll see!

That's all for this week's PLPFS. To catch up on the previous four episodes and read my thoughts on them, check out Moments Later, Salt Meets Wound, Know Your Frenemies, and Careful What U Wish 4. Don't forget to share your opinions with us and come back next Tuesday for another recap and discussion of PLL.

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