20 Questions with Author Sarah-Kate Lynch

Sarah-Kate Lynch is the author of Dolci di Love, published by Plume in New Zealand in March, the US in April, and Australia in May. Sarah-Kate will be on a US book tour starting on April 21st in New York City with a launch party for Dolci di Love. She also plans to visit Denver, Albuquerque, Oakland, and San Francisco in May in support of her new book.

We're so excited to have Sarah-Kate joining us today for 20 Questions! Hope you enjoy our interview with her!

Kindle or Nook? Neither, yet.

iPhone or BlackBerry? iPhone

Coke or Pepsi? Boring old water!

Coffee or tea? Coffee. Strong. Now.

Ice cream or frozen yogurt? Ice cream. Or frozen Yogurt. Or chocolate.

Flats or heels? In my dreams, heels. On my feet, flats.

Facebook or Twitter? Both.

Call or text message? Both.

Favorite song right now? Love is Everything by KD Lang

Celebrity crush? Hugh Jackman. Met him once. Was struck dumb. Gggrr.

Last movie you saw? Made it to 8 out of 10 of the Oscar contenders.

Favorite television show right now? The Good Wife

Favorite snack food? Fresh dates. Mmmm

Your most overused word or phrase? Fresh dates. Mmmm

Your hidden talent? So well hidden even I don't know what it is.

Your biggest pet peeve? Over-use of the word "awesome."

Favorite activity when you’re not writing? Is it too sad to say sleeping?

Favorite authors? AA Milne, Alan Bradley, Anne Tyler, and that's just the A's.

Favorite books? Too many to mention but just finished The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender and loved that.

Comment heard most often from your readers? "I laughed and I cried!"

About Sarah-Kate Lynch
In addition to Dolci di Love, Sarah-Kate Lynch is the author of House of Daughters, Eating with the Angels, By Bread Alone, Blessed Are the Cheesemakers, and Finding Tom Connor. She is also the author of the collection of short stories Bosom Buddies and non-fiction novel The Modern Girl's Guide to Life. She usually lives on the west coast of New Zealand but likes to escape whenever possible to travel the world. She is currently in New York working on her newest novel about a woman who keeps bees on her Manhattan rooftop. Sarah-Kate writes two columns for New Zealand Woman's Day and hosts a book club in Next magazine. For more information, please visit http://www.sarah-katelynch.com, http://twitter.com/sarahkatelynch, and http://sarah-katelynch.blogspot.com.

About Dolci di Love
After New York executive Lily Turner discovers a photo of a beautiful woman and two children, clearly taken in Italy, she realizes that her husband, Daniel, has a secret second family. The blow is doubly painful since Lily and Daniel are childless. In a drunken impulse, Lily tracks Daniel via Internet to the Tuscan village of Montevedova and books a ticket. After a few comical moments of culture shock, Lily finds accommodation above a bakery run by two elderly sisters. The bakery harbors the Secret League of Widowed Darners. Originally founded as a sewing circle in the 1940s, the band of lively widows quickly discovered that mending broken hearts was much more useful (and more fun) than mending socks. Lily becomes their new project: perfect, they decide, for wealthy, handsome widower Alessandro. Sparks fly, but Lily's feelings for Daniel are still unresolved when a chance meeting with Daniel's precocious six-year-old daughter complicates things. Lily falls in love with the little girl. She's also in love with the bakery and Tuscany by the time she finds Daniel.

Can you relate to Sarah-Kate's answers? Have you read any of her books? Leave a comment to let us know. Thanks! And stay tuned for more of 20 Questions!