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Lorena Bathey is an independent author of memoir Happy Beginnings: How I Became My Own Fairy Godmother and debut novel Beatrice Munson. Lorena is generously offering 20% off of the Beatrice Munson eBook through July 27th to Chick Lit Bee readers. To receive the discount, please visit and input WD65M when purchasing the eBook.

To get to know Lorena better, we asked her about how she began her writing career. Enjoy!

What was your favorite book(s) when you were a child?

I was a prolific reader as a child because I was an only child. Books were my escape and I would go to the library and leave with a stack as big as I could carry. Historical fiction was my most favorite. I think there were two books that I remember impacting me in my youth. 

First was one that most girls remember, Are You There God? It's Me Margaret. Of course, reading this book explained the beginnings of puberty to me and gave me insight into what I could expect at this tumultuous time.

The other book was when I was about thirteen. My father worked for an airline so we were able to fly to Europe very reasonably. This afforded me the opportunity to travel there often in my youth. One time my mother, aunt, and I were traveling to visit my cousin who had moved there with her husband. My aunt was a huge reader and gave me a book to read before we left called Katherine by Anya Seton. That book was historical fiction about John of Gaunt (one of the princes during the War of the Roses) and Katherine Swynford whose affair ended in their marriage. Their children formed the Tudor line and even the royals now can be traced back to them. This book opened my eyes to how writing can enhance an experience. During our trip I kept seeing places I had read about in the book and even saw both the characters' names. This author was great at creating a romantic book that thrilled its reader with facts of places they had never known.
When did you start writing?
Happy Beginnings: How I Became My Own Fairy Godmother
I began writing in 2005. My mother had passed away from cancer, my father got remarried very quickly after, and my husband left me - all within three years. I had lost my stability and had to begin again. I began writing what was happening. Getting divorced, getting a job after being home for nine years with my kids, having to date, and finding myself. This journey became my first book, Happy Beginnings: How I Became My Own Fairy Godmother.

Once I wrote the memoir and began a career helping women find their inner fairy godmother, I found that these characters were popping into my head. I began to write them down and Beatrice Munson was started. However, I wrote about half before I set it aside and picked it up five years later to finish it.

What kind of writing did you start with? (short stories, poems, articles, etc.)  

I had always written. I wrote poems, journals, and did a lot of essays as an English major. But I didn't really ever sit down to write a book, short story or anything until I began my first book, Happy Beginnings. That book just fell out of me and I wrote as fast as I could. That began my real passion for writing.
When did you decide to become an author and how did you know it was the right career for you?

After I published Happy Beginnings, I did a lot of speaking, classes, and one -on-one work with women to help them find their power. And yet through it all, it was the writing that I really loved. But I was scared to simply commit fully to the process of being a novelist. It wasn't until I met the man of my dreams and he asked me what I really wanted to do and writing was the first and only thing that came to my mind. He simply said, then do it. And so I did. We both committed to following our dreams and doing what we love, so I am an author and he is now making drums. (

When I finished my first novel after a nine hour writing session, I knew that this is what I wanted to do. But it took someone believing that I could do it to make me sure enough to follow my path.
What was the most challenging part of starting a writing career? What was the best part?

Oh, for sure the most challenging part is letting go of convention. You have to stop those voices of your family, friends, and the world who thinks you are crazy not to have a job where you get health insurance, 401K, and security. It is hard to go against the tide and pick something that is so unsure as a career path. But you know what, that is also the best part.

I lived my entire life doing what everyone else wanted me to do. It wasn't until my mom passed that I truly understood that this life was my life. That having money and security were not the things that made me happy. What made me happy was writing and choosing to follow that path, as rough or scary as it may be, and that is what makes me a better human being.

Not only that, but writing these works and creating a world that people can get lost in is just the best kind of fun. When I get someone saying, "thanks for making me cry three times on the plane," it feels good. It means that they connected with the characters enough to get lost in the story and to feel what these characters felt. That's something you can't put a price tag on or truly explain the satisfaction and inspiration that it creates.
Beatrice MunsonDescribe what it was like to see and hold the first published copy of your first novel. Were you relieved, excited, anxious? How did you celebrate the launch?

The day I finished my novel I was writing with a friend I've known for over 25 years. We write at Panera every week and during our weekly session I got on a roll. She had to leave and I sat there until my eyes were blurry just finishing the book. When it was done I sat there, took a deep breath and began to cry. It was elation. It was satisfaction. It was exciting. And it was thrilling. I was hooked.

When I picked up the printed copies and opened the box, which I do immediately because I can't wait to see them, I just felt my breath stop for a second. I remember saying to myself, I'm a novelist. The artwork for the cover of my book was drawn by my busband (a term I coined to explain that he's more than a boyfriend just like a husband) and seeing it as a book just filled me with joy and promise. I always know what I want the covers to look like and he captured it perfectly. Seeing and holding the finished product that matched my mental picture was exhilarating. This book was the first step in building my life-long career as a writer.

I'm still celebrating the launch. The book itself was up on Amazon and Smashwords right away as an eBook. And seeing people buying and downloading it was very satisfying. The reviews have been good and everyone loves the Beatrice character. In fact, I am beginning a newsletter with Beatrice Bits because everyone wants to know more about this character's life and way of being. (You can sign up at

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

It's simple....write! I have people say to me all the time...I mean ALL the time that they have a book they want to write. If you have a book, write it down. That is the biggest step you will take.

Next, don't worry what people think. If you feel the story, then it is a story and believe me in this world of millions of people, someone will love it. The biggest mistake you can make is to listen to anyone that thwarts your creativity and many will try. Being creative comes from a different place and it's important to let that part of you emerge. So write and then get involved in a group that you feel comfortable in and let them read your work. Listen to what people say and incorporate what you think works, but always remember it's your story and you know best.

Take chances. If you have a story but you feel like you don't know enough about the topic, do research. But don't let a good idea pass you by. I believe in muses, inspiration, and divine intervention giving you the right idea at the right time, so don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Write down any idea that won't go away and make it happen.

Next, always, always, always have a professional editor edit your work. This is not a suggestion; this is one of the most important things you can do. A good editor will make your work even better. A good editor will show you where you need to expand a character, plot line, and simply make your words flourish.

Lastly, make sure that whatever you put out into the world is professional, well created, and looks like it could be on a shelf in any book store. There are criteria that every writer should aspire to and not making sure to keep your writing at the highest caliber not only affects your work but the industry of indie authors and publishers.

About Lorena Bathey

Growing up in the Bay Area of Northern California, Lorena Bathey attended St. Mary’s College in Moraga graduating with a degree in English. Then she traveled, learned about life, and developed great fodder for a book. Losing her mother to cancer and her own marriage’s demise brought her to find herself. She wrote Happy Beginnings: How I Became My Own Fairy Godmother and found speaking and empowering others was her passion.
Lorena Bathey found after writing her first book that characters were visiting her mind and wouldn't leave. She was introduced to Marissa, Andrea, Lily, Deidre and Beatrice and her first novel, Beatrice Munson, came to life. After finishing that book, she was inspired to write more novels and she knew that pursuing her passion was the best way to live her life. So, she became a writer. After meeting the love of her life, they embarked on the thrilling life to follow their dreams bringing their families along for the ride. Today Lorena has nine novels in her writing queue all with screenplays in the works. But writing isn't the only muse that inspires Lorena. She has become a passionate photographer and likes to push the envelope taking shots while learning how to navigate Photoshop. Travel, walking, enjoying new restaurants, and Italy are other loves and things she makes sure she has time for. 

To get in touch with Lorena, you can email her at You can also learn more about her at and connect with her at and at
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