Book Review: A Girl Like You

A Girl Like You. Gemma BurgessAbigail Wood finds herself single again after breaking up with her boyfriend of seven and a half years when she finally realized that he was not right for her. She quickly discovers that she doesn’t quite know how to be single. Meeting and dating new men is incredibly stressful for her, which only adds to her fears of ending up alone. After moving out of the place she shared with her boyfriend, she moves in with Robert, a friend of her sister’s fiancé. At first, they don’t see much of each other since Robert is one of London’s biggest players. He’s always out and Abigail keeps to herself too, working and going out with friends in attempt to stay as busy as possible so she won’t dwell on her breakup or being single. But one night, Abigail comes home and joins Robert to watch TV. This is the beginning of their friendship and the beginning of Robert becoming somewhat of a dating coach to Abigail. He tells her what to do and what to say on all of her dates, helping her to relax and enjoy dating. When Abigail falls hard for one of Robert’s best friends, a lot of unexpected feelings come to the surface as Abigail tries to figure out who is really the right man for a girl like her.

Author Gemma Burgess writes with such wit and charm. Her novel includes a wonderful cast of supporting characters who bring Abigail’s world to life. The characters really jump off of the pages and seem like friends anyone could have in real life. The whole story is very realistic and believable. It is told in a fun, engaging way that makes this book very hard to put down. The first few pages before Chapter 1 will really draw readers in and make them wonder throughout the whole book which man is the one who shows up to rescue Abigail in Hong Kong and make them wonder why she’s even there and why she’s so upset. It is an excellent way to keep readers guessing from the very beginning. If you are looking for a book full of humor, drama, friendship, dating and love, then you should definitely pick up a copy of A Girl Like You.   

Gemma Burgess is also the author of The Dating Detox. She's currently working on a new book series titled Union Street for St. Martin’s Press. Gemma lives in Notting Hill. For more information about her and her novels, please visit You can also connect with Gemma on Twitter.  
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