20 Questions with Author Jenny Nelson

Jenny Nelson is the debut author of Georgia's Kitchen. Today, Jenny joins us to answer our 20 Questions. Enjoy!

Kindle or Nook? Neither; I read books on my iPad when I travel, but otherwise I’m paper all the way. 

iPhone or BlackBerry? Just got an iPhone to replace my Blackberry
Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke

Coffee or tea? Black tea, the brisker the better
Ice cream or frozen yogurt? Both and lots of them!
Flats or heels? Flats for day, heels if I’m going out.
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook, though I do get in Twitter modes
Call or text message? Call. I think I’m the only person on the planet who doesn’t text.
Favorite song right now? I Didn’t See It Coming, Belle and Sebastian
Celebrity crush? Ryan Gosling 

Movie you saw recently? Cedar Rapids
Favorite television show right now? Boardwalk Empire
Favorite snack food? Popcorn or pretzels
Your most overused word or phrase? “Absolutely.”
Your hidden talent? I make a mean risotto.
Your biggest pet peeve? People clipping their nails on the subway.
Favorite activity when you’re not writing? Anything with my family
Favorite authors? Jhumpa Lahiri, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Michael Chabon, Jane Austen 

Favorite books? Unaccustomed Earth, The Great Gatsby, In the Time of the Butterflies
Comment heard most often from your readers? “You must be a great cook!”

About Jenny Nelson
Jenny Nelson has a BA in English Literature from the University of Colorado at Denver. She has worked as a web editor and producer for companies such as iVillage, Vogue.com and Style.com. She lives with her husband, twin daughters and dog in New York. Georgia’s Kitchen is Jenny's first novel. Visit http://www.jennynelsonauthor.com for more information and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

At 33, talented chef Georgia Gray has everything a woman could want—the top job at one of Manhattan’s best restaurants, a posse of smart and savvy gal pals who never let her down, and a platinum-set, cushion-cut diamond engagement ring courtesy of Glenn, the handsome entertainment lawyer who Georgia’s overbearing mother can’t wait for her to marry. The table is set for the ambitious bride-to-be until a scathing restaurant review destroys her reputation. To add salt to her wounds, Glenn suddenly calls off the wedding. Brokenhearted, Georgia escapes to the Italian countryside, where she sharpens her skills at a trattoria run by a world-class chef who seems to have it all—a devoted lover, a magnificent villa, and most importantly, a kitchen of her own. Georgia quells her longings with Italy’s delectable offerings: fine wine, luscious cheeses, cerulean blue skies, and irresistible Gianni, an expert in the vineyard and the bedroom. So when Gianni tempts Georgia to stay in Italy with an offer no sane top chef could refuse, why can’t she say yes? An appetite for something more looms large in Georgia’s heart – the desire to run her own restaurant in the city she loves. But having left New York with her career in flames, she’ll need to stir up more than just courage if she’s to realize her dreams and find her way home.
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