Book Review: Crossed Wires

Nancy's Review of Crossed Wires by Rosy Thornton

Mina Heppenstall and Peter Kendrick first meet over the phone. Peter has a minor car accident and must call his insurance company. Mina files his claim. There is an instant connection between them, despite having never met or knowing anything about each other besides Peter’s current predicament. Mina spends her days in the call center in Sheffield while Peter is a Cambridge geography professor. Their lives are very different, but they soon discover that they have more in common than they initially thought. Peter is widowed and has nine year old twin daughters. Mina is a single mother to a ten year old daughter. They start communicating regularly by phone, sharing parenting stories and providing much needed support and encouragement to each other. 

Crossed Wires is about a chance meeting that brings two people together when they least expect it. Peter and Mina are looking for companionship, but could it be that they got much more? Sometimes a seemingly unfortunate occurrence can be the start to something wonderful since you never know who you’ll meet.

This novel presents a realistic look at single parents who are trying to do the very best for their children while also seeking their own happiness. It’s an intelligent and original story that shows a more traditional approach to finding love. The characters are unique, but their hopes and struggles are universal. Crossed Wires is a modern day fairytale of accidental circumstances that lead to the unexpected. The pacing of this novel is excellent since it allows for a true friendship to form between Peter and Mina. It is a very enjoyable read. 

Rosy Thornton teaches at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. She lives in a village nearby with her partner, two young daughters, and spaniels. Rosy is also the author of Hearts and Minds, More Than Love Letters, and The Tapestry of Love. For more information, please visit
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