Book News: Victoria Connelly's Fantasy Romantic Comedies Available Now

Exciting news! Author Victoria Connelly decided to publish her three fantasy romantic comedies Flights of Angels, Unmasking Elena Montella and Three Graces for Kindle. These books have only been published in Germany previously but are now available to readers around the world for just ninety nine cents each throughout August. They'll also be available via Nook, iPad and Sony soon. The first book, Flights of Angels, was made into a film in Germany in 2008.

Just when you think you’ve found true love, death gets in the way… What would you do if your husband died and you started seeing tiny angels on your desk at work? What would you do if your girlfriend left with your life savings, leaving only a broken heart and a goldfish behind? Claudie and Simon: two people battered and bruised by life. But can they learn to love again? Flights of Angels - a romantic comedy with a heavenly twist!

Following your heart’s desire is much easier when you’re invisible… Elena Montella has some problems. Their names are Reuben, Mark and Prof and she’s engaged to all three of them. But it’s time she made her mind up because they’re all expecting a wedding by the end of the year. In her turmoil, she flees to her sister’s in Venice, but she doesn’t expect that each of her fiancés will follow her there. And she certainly doesn’t expect to be given a magical mask which gives her the power of invisibility and the rare opportunity to spy on her fiancés and find out who, if any, is the right one for her. But is her invisibility just masking the real fears she harbors from her past? The Unmasking of Elena Montella is a magical romantic comedy about falling in love over and over again and trying to discover just who is The One. 

Carys Miller doesn’t believe in the aristocracy nor does she believe in the supernatural. When she finds herself married to Richard Bretton, 12th Duke of Cuthland, and living in his haunted house, she wonders if she’s going mad. As the new mistress of Amberley Court, Carys discovers she’s now in charge of a house the size of a small village. And, as if that isn’t enough, she finds herself in the most unpopular of roles: a stepmother to young Cecily and Evie. Carys desperately needs help, but she doesn’t expect it to come from an eighteenth-century duchess who simply refuses to leave Amberley. Three Graces is a romantic fantasy about mothers, daughters, lovers and ghosts, and how the past always manages to find its way into the present.

Victoria Connelly is also the author of Molly's Millions, A Weekend with Mr. Darcy and The Perfect Hero. To find out more about Victoria and her novels, you can read our 20 Questions Interview with her and you can visit
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