Book Review: Just Friends with Benefits

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Stephanie Cohen has had a crush on Craig Hille since they shared a class together in college. Back then, when she worked up the nerve to talk to Craig in a bar, she wound up leaving with his best friend, Paul, and dating him for two years. After their amicable break-up, they remained best friends, putting her in Paul’s circle of friends and around Craig for years. Despite sharing the same group of friends, Stephanie and Craig never dated. Now in her early thirties, Stephanie works up the courage again to approach Craig while on a business trip in New York. They have dinner together leading Stephanie to reveal her attraction to Craig. He is resistant at first, but they wind up becoming friends with benefits, much to Stephanie’s disappointment. Can friends with benefits turn into a real relationship? Stephanie has been infatuated with Craig for so many years that she believes they are destined to be together. As she desperately tries to win Craig over, tries online dating, and meets guys in bars, at work, and even in a bookstore, she must determine who is just a friend and who could actually be her boyfriend. 

There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments in Just Friends with Benefits. It is a fast-paced novel with witty banter between the characters reminiscent at times of the dialogue on the popular television show Gilmore Girls. The interaction between the characters is very believable. This tight knit group of friends is supportive of each other and fun-loving. Schorr writes with such ease that none of the scenes or situations seem forced. Anyone who has had a crush that they never quite got over will be able to relate to Stephanie. She wants to find love but can’t let go of what could have been back in college if she had left the bar with Craig instead of Paul. Readers will admire Stephanie’s determination to go after what she wants but also root for her to realize that old crushes do not always lead to long-term relationships. There are several twists throughout this novel that will keep readers guessing who Stephanie will end up with and who she will remain ‘just friends’ with.

Meredith Schorr lives in New York City and works as a trademark paralegal at a prestigious law firm. In addition to writing humorous women's fiction novels, her passions include running, spending time with friends and family and rooting for the New York Yankees. Meredith is a member of Romance Writers of America and Chick Lit Writers of The World. Just Friends with Benefits is her first novel. 

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