Announcement: Lauren Alaina Week

Editor’s Note

Hi everyone! 

I’m excited to announce that The Chick Lit Bee will be hosting 'Lauren Alaina Week' in October to celebrate the release of Lauren Alaina’s debut album Wildflower. Lauren was the runner-up on American Idol this year. When I first saw her audition, I was sure she would be in the finale and was so happy she made it there alongside eventual winner and fellow country singer, Scotty McCreery. I wanted a Lauren and Scotty finale from the time that I saw them perform their first duet together. I’m so impressed with how Lauren and Scotty have handled their quick rise to fame. They are so humble and even though they are still teenagers, they present themselves with such maturity, grace, and integrity. Scotty’s album, Clear As Day, comes out on October 4th. Since this blog focuses on stories by and about women, Lauren Alaina Week is a great way to share stories with each other. At just sixteen years old, Lauren’s dreams are coming true. One of her biggest dreams is to release an album and when Wildflower comes out on October 11th, her dream will be realized. Lauren is an incredibly talented young woman with a heart of gold.  

Calling women’s fiction authors! 

For Lauren Alaina Week, I’m going to post inspirational stories written by women’s fiction authors who have had their novel(s) published. Share your own story of how you achieved your dream, what the obstacles were, how you overcame the odds and persevered, what success means to you and how you have affected the lives of others with your novel(s). The stories don’t have to be long (400 – 750 words), but they do have to show an inspirational journey. Send your story ideas to me by email at before you begin writing. You can change the names of those involved if that makes you more comfortable, but please base it on your own true story. I’m going to post a story each day for five days, starting on Monday, October 10th. Each story contributor will receive a copy of Lauren’s album Wildflower. Additionally, at the end of the week I will randomly choose two winners to also receive Wildflower from all of the comments received on the stories. 

There will be other fun stuff throughout the week like trivia, videos, and more. I’m so excited about Lauren Alaina Week and really hope you’ll participate! 

I look forward to hearing from you!