Book Review: Destined to Fail

With an intriguing title like Destined to Fail, it’s obviously impossible to expect this story to be light and breezy. Destined to Fail is a strong tale of survival and courage packed with emotions and baggage. It is a novel that is hard to put down. Jasmine, or JJ to her friends and family, welcomes readers into her world of chaos. To simply say that her life has been tough is the understatement of the decade. Between getting over her past that includes physical and emotional abuse, battling addiction (not hers though, but it was equally difficult), and an absent father, and trying to cope with the challenges of the present (losing her best friend, financial turmoil, and having to deal with an unplanned pregnancy), it is amazing that she hasn't gone completely insane. Apart from her way-too-perfect boyfriend Nate, her life is a complete and utter mess. But JJ is wise beyond her years and has strength and determination that keeps her going. Her ability to forgive and her concern for the safety and happiness of her friends are admirable characteristics that everyone could learn from.

There were certain elements of the story that could have been better. For example, there were a few sentences that could have been more elaborate to get the reader even more invested into the story. Also, a few more hints about her abusive past could have been added a bit earlier in the story. But these are little things that do not affect the strength of the story at all. It is possible to look past all these things because the underlying message is so much stronger. In this debut novel, writer Samantha March opens up a world filled with what should be anger, frustration, bitterness and insanity, but in the form of formidable strength and friendship. This strong tale is the perfect illustration of how people can rise above the past, no matter how painful, and leave behind all the drama to make the ultimate choice to move on and create a better future for themselves. Samantha presented a well-written, emotional and compelling story, one that all women should read and recommend to others. Girlfriends, go ahead and give it a read!

Samantha March fell in love with books at a young age thanks to her mother and grandmother, both avid readers. In high school, Samantha excelled in writing courses but took what she considered the practical route and enrolled in a business college where she graduated with honors in 2009. However, her thoughts of writing never dissolved. In October of 2009, Samantha started the book blog Chick Lit Plus where she met fellow readers and writers who pushed her to continue her goal of becoming published. Her self-published debut novel, Destined to Fail, is available now as an eBook and will be available in paperback in November. Samantha currently lives in West Des Moines, Iowa, with her boyfriend.