Book Review: A Life That Fits

When twenty eight year old business analyst Andrea comes home from a work trip, she is shocked to find out that her longtime boyfriend, Alex, is leaving her for another woman who is Andrea’s opposite. Her plan for her life is turned completely upside down as she tries to figure out ways to get him back. Andrea can’t imagine her life without Alex and thinks becoming a new, opposite version of herself is the way to win his heart again. As she makes changes in her life for the wrong reasons, she starts to discover what is actually right for her life. She finds change to be challenging at first, but she eventually enjoys the new activities that she is doing and likes the new people she meets. Andrea creates a different life for herself that may or may not include Alex.

In A Life That Fits, the characters’ lives are successfully woven together to create a good amount of drama. Andrea is a woman who basically needs to start over after her fourteen year relationship ends. She doesn’t realize it at first, but the end of this relationship is the best thing to happen to her. It allows her to embark on a new path that will allow her to address her insecurities and move past them to a better version of herself. The story delves into romantic relationships, friendships, and workplace issues as Andrea figures out who really belongs in her life. The pacing of this novel is a bit slow at times and Andrea’s choices can be frustrating to those who want her to open her eyes quicker and see what a jerk Alex really is. Overall, this novel may not wow readers, but it does have a good message that can be inspiring for some to make changes in their own lives.

Heather Wardell has always created stories in her head but didn't consider becoming a writer initially. She planned on becoming a high school music teacher but ended up at a major Canadian bank as a software developer for several years before she went back to school to become an elementary school teacher. After teaching for four years, Heather participated in the National Novel Writing Month challenge and successfully wrote a novel in a month, realizing her love of writing. She left teaching and hasn’t looked back since. When Heather isn’t writing, she reads, runs, swims, crochets, takes care of her fifty five gallon aquarium and her cat Trinity, and plays drums and clarinet. To learn more about Heather and her novels, please visit and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.  
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