Book Review: A Scottish Ferry Tale

In A Scottish Ferry Tale, main character Cassie Wrentham travels to Scotland to visit her boyfriend who lives there. When she arrives abroad, she discovers that their relationship is over. He is no longer interested, but didn’t bother to tell her before she flew thousands of miles to see him. Feeling broken hearted and unwilling to head right back home, Cassie takes a ferry to a bed and breakfast. She meets Ralph who she has an instant connection with. He is much older than her and she eventually finds out that his family owns the bed and breakfast where she is staying. This allows Cassie to get to know Ralph better since she sees him around a lot. As their friendship grows into something more, Cassie is unsure if she should stay in Scotland to pursue a relationship with Ralph or if she should go back home and try to forget about this new yet uncertain romance.  

This novel is a likeable, quick read. Cassie is an honest character with flaws and insecurities that she tries to work through to get back on her feet again after her breakup. The story is very descriptive but has a bit too much back story to start out with. The relationship between Cassie and Ralph seems forced at times and the age difference is like the elephant in the room that is never delved into or addressed the way it could have been. Overall, Cassie’s journey to finding herself and finding true happiness is a worthwhile pursuit. A Scottish Ferry Tale is a solid debut from a writer who has great potential. There is sincerity in her writing that is refreshing and engaging. 

Nancy Volkers lives in Vermont with her family. In addition to being a writer, she is an editor and a website manager. She grew up in New York and went on to attend Drew University, Stanford University, and the University of Minnesota, completing two degrees. Nancy has written two novels, A Scottish Ferry Tale and Scotland by Starlight, and she is working on her next novel. For more information, please visit
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