Bee Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today! I want to thank all of you who read The Chick Lit Bee. I’m so grateful for your support! I truly feel like I’m part of a very special community of women’s fiction authors and readers and I’m so appreciative. 

Specifically, thank you to Lucie Simone and Samantha Robey for encouraging me from the very beginning and continuously supporting The Chick Lit Bee. Huge thank you to Shannon Hart for helping me make The Chick Lit Bee what it is and contributing so many wonderful stories. I’m so glad we have been able to work together on something that means so much to both of us. 

Thank you to everyone who stays in touch with me by email, comments on posts and sends messages via Twitter and Facebook for showing such great camaraderie. I’m amazed by how much and how fast The Chick Lit Bee has grown and I will continue to do the very best I can to support the genre. Chick lit fans around the world are a very loyal group, joining together to form a community of incredible storytellers and truly remarkable people. I’m having a wonderful time getting to know you.  

Have a fantastic day!