Book Review: Dollars to Donuts

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April Patterson is trying to get used to life in the small town of Boxwood Hills. She moved from the big city to live with her boyfriend, Kevin. April feels like a fish out of water who is constantly being watched by the nosy neighbors who won’t leave her alone. Drama runs high in her neighborhood and April finds herself involved in a very strange scandal. The weirdness starts when a dead squirrel shows up in a neighbor’s trash can wrapped in April’s clothes. The situation is over exaggerated as everyone tries to figure out who put the squirrel in there. They wonder if their community is being targeted by some sort of criminals. The ridiculous antics of the neighbors are not all that April worries about though. When Kevin brings Gerritt, a new guy in town, to their home and asks April if Gerritt can stay there since his house was damaged in a storm, she reluctantly agrees. Gerritt is attractive and charming and April is immediately drawn to him. She is falling for another man right under her boyfriend's nose much to the disapproval of her intrusive sister, Jessica. It turns into quite an awkward mess. There are also two women lurking around town who seem to be stalking April, making her wonder if she really belongs in the odd world of Boxwood Hills. 

Dollars to Donuts is a fun, humorous novel about all of the misunderstandings that can occur in a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business. There is a bit of mystery and just the right amount of romance to keep readers interested throughout. Kole has a captivating writing style with plenty of dialogue that allows readers to see the story unfold. However, some of the dialogue is repetitive and could have been cut. There are only seven chapters in the novel, so there are long stretches of content that could have been broken up with more chapters. The ending is abrupt, but perhaps that is paving the way for a sequel. Overall, Dollars to Donuts is an entertaining, quick read that fans of witty women’s fiction will enjoy.  

Kathleen Kole was born in Edmonton AB and graduated from college with a diploma in radio and television arts. She has written in the fields of advertising, television and newspaper. Kathleen relocated from Edmonton to Kelowna BC and resides there with her husband, son and dog. Dollars to Donuts is Kathleen's second self-published novel and she is currently working on her third, Favorable Conditions, to be published in December. To learn more, please visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter

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