Book Review: Rock Star's Girl

When entrepreneur and freelance writer Emily Watts starts dating Cory Sampson, the lead singer of a popular rock band, her world is turned upside down. Suddenly her relationship with Cory is making headlines and she sees her personal life being dissected in the tabloids. When rumors swirl that Emily is cheating on Cory with her longtime friend and indie band member, Jesse, the gossip is sent into overdrive and she receives a backlash from Cory’s adoring fans. Emily didn’t ask for all of this attention and certainly doesn’t want it. All she wants is to continue running her fashion website, Zeeked, in peace. But she quickly learns that when you are involved with a chart topping rock star, your life is anything but peaceful and low key. She also learns that the paparazzi are always watching and the tabloids can make or break a relationship and a career. Emily’s website is in trouble from all of the negative press she is receiving, her relationship with Cory is doomed, and her friendship with Jesse is falling apart, causing her to wonder if she is really meant to be a rock star’s girl.  

Emily is a strong heroine who is thrown into the foreign world of tabloids and gossip blogs. She isn’t looking for fame and just wants to be a writer and find love. The tabloid articles throughout the novel are unique and are a fun way for the reader to delve further into the story as they give an outsider’s perspective of what’s going on. The dialogue is sharp and witty. Jesse is perfectly depicted as the big flirt who is always playing games, causing a lot of confusion for Emily. Emily’s connection with Cory is believable and he seems like he could be a good guy, but Emily discovers that a lot of celebrities crave attention and will do anything to get it. Unfortunately, Cory might not be as genuine as she once thought. Emily must figure out the truth in order to clear her name. Rock Star’s Girl is a lot of fun and the unexpected ending is a refreshing twist. People who love celebrity gossip and the music scene will love Rock Star’s Girl

J.F. Kristin is the chick lit pen name for editor and writer Jennifer Farwell. Jennifer writes about both writing and ecommerce, and was previously a freelance promotional writer and web designer for musicians. She ran the Society for Preventing Parents from Naming Their Children Jennifer (SPPNTCJ), a tongue-in-cheek website that welcomed millions of visitors during its run. Jennifer is currently at work on her second novel. To learn more, please visit Jennifer's website and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.