Book Review: Julia's Child

*This review is part of Sarah Pinneo's blog tour hosted by KMS Public Relations.

When Julia Bailey starts her own company producing organic food for toddlers, she has no idea what to expect. Julia desperately wants to do it all, but with a new company, a husband, and two small children requiring her attention, she is in over her head. With her partner Marta along for the ride, Julia’s business begins to take off. She manages to get an invite to promote her products on a major talk show, which puts them in demand after her appearance. As her business becomes more and more successful, Julia must continually overcome new challenges, which increasingly takes time away from her family. After a trade show, Julia gets an opportunity that is very hard to refuse, but she worries about selling out and going corporate. She doesn’t want to lose sight of her original vision or disappoint anyone close to her, especially her family. Julia must weigh the pros and cons in order to make an appropriate decision for everyone involved. 

Julia’s Child nicely blends cooking knowledge and recipes with a fictional story. There are tips on organic farming along with insightful comments about healthy eating habits. The pace is a bit slow at times. Julia’s neurotic attitude propelling her to believe that her way is the only way can be frustrating, but part of her new endeavor is learning to not try to control everything in her life and the lives of her loved ones. Julia’s husband, Luke, has a refreshing perspective and easygoing manner that adds just the right amount of humor and empathy to Julia’s hectic lifestyle. He is the reasonable one when she gets overwhelmed with worries. There is also a good balance between Julia and her business partner, Marta, who comes from a different background than Julia’s and is able to offer a unique point of view about the entrepreneurial process. Julia’s Child is a charming novel with a positive message that is sure to appeal to mothers, foodies, and those pursuing their own dreams who will undoubtedly be able to appreciate Julia’s journey.  

Sarah Pinneo worked on Wall Street before making the transition to food journalist. She is the co-author of The Ski House Cookbook, published by Clarkson Potter/Random House in 2007. She has a degree in economics from Yale University. Sarah lives in Hanover, New Hampshire, with her family. For more information, please visit her website.