Book Club Discussion: A Weekend with Mr. Darcy by Victoria Connelly

Please take a look at the discussion questions below and Nancy's responses, then comment with your own responses to some or all of the questions. Also, please include the number of the question(s) with your response(s) so we can all keep track of what is being discussed. Feel free to add any other comments you have that are not prompted by the questions. Thank you for reading A Weekend with Mr. Darcy and participating in our discussion!

1) Did you know immediately that Lorna Warwick was a pen name for a male writer or were you surprised?

No, I wasn't expecting it. I was surprised and thought it was a fun twist. 

2) Do you think Warwick was deceitful? When do you think he should have told Katherine the truth?

Yes, he was definitely deceitful, and I didn't like that he never actually told her. His agent spilled the beans, so I wonder when or if he ever would have said something. I think he should have told Katherine the truth in his letters to her before they ever met in person, but maybe he didn't trust her enough to tell her such a big secret when he hadn't even met her yet. Then again, they became "best friends" just from writing to each other, so he should have told such a close friend the truth about himself. 

3) Do you think it is ever okay to put fictional characters before real people? Why do you think Robyn chose to ignore her own relationship with Jace in favor of fantasizing about Jane Austen's life and her characters?

Robyn was looking for escapism because she felt unfulfilled in her own relationship. By being in a fictional fantasy world most of the time, she was disconnected from her actual situation. But when she met Dan, she was forced to face reality in order to have her own life. I think it's okay to focus on fictional characters, especially if you're a writer or some type of creative person, but a good balance between fiction and reality is best. 

4) Which hero did you like more: Warwick or Dan? Why?

I liked Dan more because he was honest and he wasn't hiding anything. Dan and Robyn seemed very well suited for each other, though it was kind of presumptuous of him to move into the cottage without having seen Robyn for weeks and without asking her first. But that was a minor issue compared to Warwick's betrayal.

5) Would you recommend this book to others? Why or why not?

Yes. It was enjoyable and will definitely appeal to romance fans and Jane Austen fans.  


One lucky book club participant will receive a paperback copy of the next installment in Victoria Connelly's Jane Austen trilogy, Dreaming of Mr. Darcy. The winner will be chosen at random from the comments on April 27th.