Book Review: Favorable Conditions

Nancy’s Review of Favorable Conditions by Kathleen Kole

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In her mid-forties, Pat Keegan gets divorced and both of her children are away at college. Realizing that this is her chance to start over, Pat sets out to figure out what she wants out of life. She decides to buy a used bookstore, a new business venture that she never expected to pursue before, but she enjoys it right away. Pat is reluctant to start dating, but when she meets handsome, charming, and much younger Ian, she reconsiders. With the encouragement of her best friend, Melanie, and her other friends, she decides to give the relationship a chance. But the near decade age difference and another woman who is also pursuing Ian could put a damper on their budding romance. Throw her daughter’s upcoming wedding into the mix and Pat has more to juggle than she could have imagined. With new dreams and goals set, Pat must forge a different path in life, and figure out who she is again.

Favorable Conditions is a novel about midlife self-discovery with entertaining, quirky characters. There is a good balance of humor and romance as the story unfolds. The writing flows well with natural dialogue that makes the characters seem very real. It is fun to go along for the ride as Pat has new, exciting experiences and changes her outlook on life. Melanie is a well-written best friend character who is very supportive of Pat and is always there for her. Readers will definitely root for Pat's relationship with Ian, who is an ideal love interest: sweet, endearing, and sincere. Favorable Conditions is an amusing tale of second chances and living life to the fullest. 

Kathleen Kole was born in Edmonton AB and graduated from college with a diploma in radio and television arts. She has written in the fields of advertising, television and newspaper. Kathleen relocated from Edmonton to Kelowna BC and resides there with her husband, son and dog. She is an independent author of three novels, Breaking Even, Dollars to Donuts and Favorable Conditions. Kathleen’s next two novels, Tales from the Laundry Pile and In This Moment, will be released later this year. To learn more, please visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter
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