Book Club Discussion: With a Little Luck

Please take a look at the discussion questions below and Nancy's responses, then comment with your own responses to some or all of the questions. Also, please include the number of the question(s) with your response(s) so we can all keep track of what is being discussed. Feel free to add any other comments you have that are not prompted by the questions. Thank you for reading With a Little Luck and participating in our discussion!

1) Do you have a good luck charm like Berry does? If so, what is it?

No, I don't have a good luck charm that I carry around with me, but I'm superstitious occasionally. 

2) Did you find Berry's superstitions quirky and endearing or annoying?

I really liked Berry as a character. Sometimes I wished I could tell her to stop being so overboard about what's lucky and unlucky because none of that stuff really predicts the future or keeps you completely safe from everything, but I knew she would come to that realization eventually. I thought Berry had a great sense of humor and I really enjoyed reading about her life, even though it revolved around superstitions. 

3) Given her background and her father's influence, was it understandable that Berry believed in everything happening in threes, including bad relationships?

I think Berry was searching for answers and being superstitious was her way of making sense of what happened in her life. I also think it was a defense mechanism because she was living in fear of something going wrong. She was always trying to ward off the wrong that she couldn't clearly see what was right in her life. 

4) What do you think of the banter between Berry and Ryan and of the relationship they developed? Did you know he was "the one" as soon as she met him?

I loved the banter between Berry and Ryan. As soon as they had the exchange about cake and then he tried to get her back by setting up a date for her with a listener of his show, I knew sparks were flying. But I was still guessing how it would all turn out until the very end. I was suspicious of Brendan since he had a band, so I figured he was just using Berry. But initially, it seemed like they had so much in common that I thought maybe she would end up with him, though he was introduced too late in the book to be a serious love interest. 

5) This book has several laugh-out-loud moments. What was your favorite?

The scene when Berry accidentally almost gets her dad arrested was hilarious. Very well written. 

6) Would you recommend this book to others? Why or why not?

I definitely recommend this book because it's charming and funny and a great read. I look forward to reading more of Caprice Crane's books.