Book Review: Twenty Nine and Counting

One year from her thirtieth birthday, Charlie begins a month-by-month countdown to the dreaded day that will mark the end of her twenties forever. With a glamorous best friend, a prestigious job as a TV producer and a fun and dedicated dad, Charlie has a lot going right in her life, but she is searching for someone to truly love. One romantic prospect has a job that keeps him traveling extensively, and another tends to prefer men over ladies, but Charlie’s adventures with each of her men keep the events interesting as each month brings her closer to her big birthday.

Charlie is a believable and fun character who is realistically flawed but still incredibly likable.  However, this book has so many grammatical mistakes that distract from the story. A bit more copy editing would help tremendously. But the story is good, and is engaging enough that it is difficult to put the book down until Charlie’s journey is complete.

Gemma Harris lives and writes in South Wales. In addition to writing, she works as a secretary and loves shopping for shoes and handbags. She is also the author of The Second Lamppost from the Left. For more information, please visit her website,