Book Club Discussion: Build A Man

Please take a look at the discussion questions below and Nancy's responses, then comment with your own responses to some or all of the questions. Also, please include the number of the question(s) with your response(s) so we can all keep track of what is being discussed. Feel free to add any other comments you have that are not prompted by the questions. Thank you for reading Build A Man by Talli Roland and participating in our discussion!

1. Who is your favorite character in Build A Man and why?
I really like Serenity. She’s a great heroine because she’s upbeat and very likable. It’s fun to follow along as she goes after what she wants, and then learns valuable lessons along the way. Her choices aren’t always best, but she eventually does the right thing. Serenity is a realistic character who has flaws and wonderful qualities, too.  

2. Would you be able to go undercover like Serenity did to pursue your dream job?
I would definitely want to pursue my dream job, and I may think about going undercover, but I wouldn’t go through with it. If it means compromising my morals and doing something I know is wrong or something that could harm someone, I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it. 

3. What is the best aspect of Build A Man? Should anything have been improved?
The plot is great and really unique. This novel has great flow too, and it is definitely a page-turner. I didn't like the character Peter at all, but he wasn't supposed to be likable. So, I really don't have any complaints. 

4. What do you think of Talli Roland’s writing style?
Talli writes with wit and charm, and every page is engaging. Her characters are very well developed, which makes for a vibrant, compelling novel. 

5. Did you like the ending? Why or why not?
Yes, I did, even though I figured it would wind up that way. But I was still pleased. I also liked that it was open-ended, which paves the way for the sequel. 

6. Would you recommend this novel? Why or why not?
Of course! Talli is a wonderful writer, and this book in particular really captured my interest. I think chick lit fans everywhere would enjoy it. 

7. Will you read more books by Talli Roland in the future?
Definitely! I’m looking forward to reading the Build A Man sequel Construct A Couple. It will be fun to see what these characters are up to next!

What do you think of Build A Man