Book Review: Liar's Guide to True Love

Sheryl's Review of Liar's Guide to True Love by Wendy Chen 

This novel follows the life of Cassandra Hanley, a wedding planner whose own dating life is a little bit on the rocks. She tends to tell men whatever she thinks they want to hear which lands her in trouble on several occasions. Her college sweetheart, Kevin, comes back into her life right before she meets Nick. What results is a strange tangle of relationships where one man knows the truth about her and the other begins the relationship unknowingly with a lie. When Nick claims to dislike weddings, Cassandra immediately tells him she’s an advertising executive. What results from the lie is her antics attempting to cover up the fact that she actually plans weddings for a living and ends in some far-fetched lies.

The initial lie to Nick seems to really be no big deal, but the entire story stretches around it. Even though Cassandra’s a wedding planner, it seems slightly strange to lie about it and then pretend to be an advertising executive. Her relationship with Nick seems off and not really fulfilling, whereas her relationship with Kevin was built on years of history. Although Kevin had done some terrible things to her in the past, he seems to have made some changes for the better and attempts throughout the book to show her how much he has changed. Nick, on the other hand, is attempting to build a relationship with Cassandra but seems to know something about their relationship isn’t right. When Kevin and Nick eventually find out about each other, it promised to be an explosive climax, but it slightly fizzled. One of the main male characters has a slightly unresolved storyline that may leave readers a little confused and unfulfilled.

Wendy Chen lived in New York for many years until she decided to move to the suburbs. She is now living in Northern Virginia with her family, hard at work on her next novel. She enjoys writing lighthearted romantic fiction and began writing Liar’s Guide to True Love while feeling nostalgic about weddings.