Book Review: Single in the City

Twenty six year old Hannah has decided that life in the United States is not quite living up to her expectations, so in a bold and daring move, she decides to get a fresh start in London. Without a job, friends, or a real idea of what to expect, Hannah jumps into the culture clash with both feet. Enthusiastic but bumbling, she eagerly embraces everything that is foreign in her new land.

Single in the City is clever and engaging. Hannah is a believable, likeable and realistically flawed character. She’s a thinker, and her inner monologue helps the reader to understand why she makes the choices she does. Gorman peppers Hannah‘s story with charming similes, and some laugh-out-loud moments that will make you cringe right along with our heroine. Hannah's observations as a foreigner on British soil are realistic and hilarious. Her missteps as she experiences life among the British will make you wriggle with embarrassment for Hannah, even as you can’t stop turning the pages.

Raised in Massachusetts, Michele Gorman moved to London fifteen years ago. Now a British citizen, she has a background in finance and sociology. Single in the City is her first novel, and her second, Misfortune Cookie, was released in March 2012. Visit her website at