Chick Lit Author Blog Hop 2012

Nancy’s Top 10 Chick Lit Books

1) The Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne
2) Little Lady, Big Apple by Hester Browne
3) The Little Lady Agency and the Prince by Hester Browne
In the charming Little Lady Agency series, Melissa Romney-Jones decides to open an agency to help single men who need a woman’s advice and companionship. She doesn’t want to embarrass her family with her new business venture so she calls herself Honey, a more confident version of herself who wears a blonde wig as a disguise. Melissa/Honey is witty, charming, and very genuine. The series follows her adventures in life and love until she finds “the one.” The characters are what make this series so great. They keep you wanting to know more about them and keep you guessing as they take new, exciting paths. Hester Browne is a fantastic writer, and I’ve been a huge fan of her work since reading this series.

4) Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella
When Lara Lington is visited by the spirit of her great aunt, Sadie, her life is flipped upside down, and she doesn’t understand how or why Sadie is appearing. Lara and Sadie don't agree on everything, but they encourage each other and form such a strong friendship through a series of wild adventures. Lara is a quirky heroine who embraces being different. She will definitely make you laugh and cry while following her journey. Twenties Girl is British chick lit at its best.

5) Swept Off Her Feet by Hester Browne
Evie Nicholson is an antiques appraiser in London who loves the past. She visits Scottish castle Kettlesheer for a week to appraise the items in the home. When Evie meets heir Robert McAndrew, they don't exactly hit it off, but he might be just the right person to cause her to reevaluate what she truly wants in life. As everyone prepares for a traditional Scottish ball to be held at Kettlesheer on Valentine's Day, new relationships are formed and secrets are revealed that will change everything. Swept Off Her Feet is a delightful, engaging novel. Browne writes with such exquisite detail. The Scottish traditions, especially the ball, are intriguing. Browne expertly develops romantic relationships in all of her novels. Swept Off Her Feet is a whimsical escape to the Scottish countryside.

6) A Girl Like You by Gemma Burgess 
Abigail Wood is single again after breaking up with her boyfriend of seven and a half years. She quickly discovers that she doesn’t quite know how to be single. Meeting and dating new men is incredibly stressful for her. After moving out of the place she shared with her boyfriend, she moves in with Robert, a friend of her sister’s fiancé. Robert becomes a dating coach to Abigail telling her what to do and what to say on all of her dates, which helps her relax. When Abigail falls for one of Robert’s best friends, unexpected feelings surface as Abigail tries to figure out who is really the right man for her. Author Gemma Burgess writes with such wit and charm. This novel is told in a fun, engaging way that makes it very hard to put down.

7) I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella
Poppy Wyatt is engaged to marry Magnus and loses her engagement ring, throwing her into a frenzy trying to find it. After her cell phone is stolen, she finds a cell phone that someone threw away belonging to the former assistant to business executive, Sam. Poppy refuses to give it back in case someone calls about her ring. A hilarious, unique way of putting two people together results. Poppy is endearing, upbeat and hilarious yet down-to-earth too, which makes her such a lovable character. Her quirkiness even extends to her ice cream of choice when she’s feeling down. She enjoys Magnum ice cream, similar to her fiancé’s name! Everything about Poppy is so funny and just so entertaining.

8) Something Blue by Emily Giffin
Something Blue is the sequel to Something Borrowed and is told from Darcy’s perspective. Darcy totally redeems herself in this novel, and actually becomes quite a lovable character. She moves to London to live with Ethan, and seeing their friendship grow is a delight. I love the relationship that develops between them. I love Something Blue much more than Something Borrowed. Darcy is hilarious.

9) Year of the Chick by Romi Moondi
Romi Narindra does not want an arranged marriage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be up to her when her parents inform her of their plans, but they want her to lose weight before they find a match for her. That gives Romi time to find a mate on her own without her parents’ interference. But finding love within a strict time frame isn’t so easy as Romi discovers in what she dubs “the year of the chick.” Year of the Chick is a hilarious, lighthearted novel about self-discovery amidst the standards set by others and pursuing true happiness no matter what anyone else thinks. It is full of wit and very realistic situations. The characters are portrayed with such honesty and familiarity that they seem like real people. Romi’s sense of humor is the best part of this novel. A charming, very enjoyable read.

10) With A Little Luck by Caprice Crane
Radio DJ Berry Lambert is searching for answers and being superstitious is her way of making sense of what happens in her life. Berry has a great sense of humor. When she partners with another DJ, Ryan, for a new morning show, sparks fly. I loved the banter between them, and they are such a great pair, but obstacles that come their way keep you guessing how it will all turn out until the very end. Fresh, funny dialogue, and well-developed characters make this book a winner. 

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