5 Ways to Find Your Writing Mojo

If the words won't budge or you're feeling the story is less than inspired, might I suggest these tips for getting your writing mojo back?

1. Move.
No, not to another state. Hey, your muse can't be *that* bad. Instead, write in a different location, even if it's just across the room. While some writers prefer routine and ritual, when you're feeling stuck, sometimes the best antidote is to get a fresh perspective with a change of scenery. I rotate between two different tables on my deck and one favorite coffee shop. Works like a charm. 

2. Dig deeper.
If your story has hit a brick wall, it could be because the character doesn't have enough oomph to scale it or you've cornered yourself against the brick wall with a going nowhere plot. Dig deeper into the goal and motivation and put more obstacles in the path for the character so you'll have plenty to get revved up about and your fingers will be flying. Feel free to skip ahead if something isn't working and come back to it later with fresh eyes.

3. Reward thyself. Punishment works, too.
A lot of Type A writers like to give themselves rewards for hitting word count or page goals. I'm a bit meaner with myself, such as not letting myself work on other projects until I've finished my fiction goal. That keeps me off of social media until I'm through and I don't feel guilty doing a bit of surfing after I've met my goals.

4. Turn off the tech.
If you're avoiding the page because you're stuck, you could be doing "busy" work, such as research or networking or blogging instead of the dirty (but fun!) work of getting your story down. Turn off your phone (silence at least, and *don't* answer it), wait to respond to e-mail and go widescreen on your document to block out the other apps and lures on your desktop. I use Omm when I'm writing a fresh story and even bought the iPad app so I can "move" to the deck and write instead of depending on my desktop inside.

5. Hit the road.
Sometime the best way to get unstuck is to not think about it at all. Think about Virginia Woolf's famous walks. And meditation is supposed to change the circuitry of your brain so you can think better and react more positively anytime you get stuck. Personally, when I'm feeling butt-in-seat-syndrome and need some energy, I like to turn up Pandora and do a quick Zumba dance to one song. My heart rate goes up and I feel refreshed to get back to the writing. (And drink lots of water.) 

What about you? What kind of writing mojo tips would you like to share?

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About Malena Lott  
Malena Lott is the author of three novels, two novellas, several short stories and also writes young adult under the pen name Lena Brown. Readers can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram under malenalott, and she blogs about mojo and zen at malenalott.com. Be sure and check out The Last Resort BIG Beach Read Bonanza contest with 20 free reads and lot of beach swag at www.buzzbooksusa.com/contest. Ends 6/30/12.