Book Review: Jackpot!

Jackpot! follows the story lines of Frankie and her children, Jamie and Danny. All Frankie really wants in life are grandchildren, but she can’t seem to convince her two selfish children to produce them.  Jamie has been hurt in the past, so she’s given up on men and relies on her upscale wardrobe to make her feel worthy. Danny isn’t much better. He wants to be an actor and pick up women. Children never enter into the equation for either of them, but things are about to change. Frankie hits the lottery and comes up with a scheme to get her kids to start cranking out offspring. She gets her lawyer involved and has a contract drawn up stating that she will give $8 million to the child that can produce a grandbaby in the next twelve months. 

What follows is a crazy race between the two to see who can get pregnant the fastest. Jamie attempts to seduce a man she never gave the time of day to and Danny attempts to seduce anyone he can get his hands on. When both meet people they know they can fall in love with, they have to make a tough decision. Do they go with their hearts or do they take the money?

This novel will appeal to lovers of chick lit and fun, lighthearted romances. Although Danny and Jamie aren’t very likeable sometimes, their appeal lies in their humanity and how they make terrible mistakes when attempting to produce something they don’t want to get something they do. Both begin to realize that maybe money isn’t what they really need after all.

Jackpot! is the sophomore novel from Jackie Pilossoph. She graduated from Boston University with a master's degree in communication and is hard at work on another novel. She resides with her family in Chicago.