Book Review: Jan of Cleveland

Jan is a brilliant girl who was raised by her parents to excel at everything she does.  She manages to find a way to go back in time, and she decides to go back to the time of King Edward III of England in the Middle Ages.  In the meantime, Simon Peter and his son, Ethelred, who live in the Middle Ages, are introduced.  They are told by a Gypsy that Ethelred's life will be forever changed by somebody from a land called Ohio.  Jan arrives, just as the Gypsy foretells, and has very little trouble convincing Ethelred, King Edward III and his court of who she is and her mission, which is to modernize the science and medicine of the time.  And she is off to change the world as they know it.  

It took a very long time to get absorbed into the story.  It wasn't very funny, and since it's subtitled "a time travel comedy," it was a bit of a let down.  Not being a Medieval scholar, it was a little hard to believe that Jan would be so easily and readily accepted and not burned at the stake as a heretic and witch, as was the case in those times.  The story isn't very long, but it dragged on. It's broken into many small chapters, seeming choppy.  The chapters jumped from one place to the next, more like anecdotes rather than complete chapters. However, the use of show tunes was a pleasant surprise. 

Liz Kingsbury McKeown is from Minnesota. She began her career as a writer for Shockwave, a science fiction comedy radio show on KFAI, Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Liz interviews independent authors for Mobius. To learn more, connect with her on Twitter