What’s In Your Bag?

Accessories add something to make you stand out from the crowd.  That’s right, accessorize!  What do some call their “favorite accessory?”  A purse!  Whether it’s a purse, handbag, or clutch, a lot of us try to match it with what we wear, especially when going out on the town at night.  But if you’re feeling fun and fearless (like Cosmopolitan women), and want to add a bright colored purse, then go for it!

I recently bought a small, bright blue clutch to add a splash of color to my new White House Black Market top and black slacks.  There was only one problem.  I couldn’t fit everything that I normally carry.  Not even my iPhone would fit without stuffing, causing the material to bulge out.  While small bags are cute, they just don’t cut it, especially everything that a modern day woman carries.  I’ve seen women carrying enormous bags with everything stuffed in there from books, magazines, water, baby bottles, running shoes, hair brushes, iPads, Kindles…the list could go on and on.  I could only imagine what a mom carries in her bag (with oversized purses, what’s the point of a diaper bag anymore?).  This led me to wonder what other women carry in their bags.

Us Weekly is my favorite magazine for celebrity gossip.  In it is an article titled What’s In My Bag? where a featured celeb (example: Miranda Lambert) shows and explains the contents in their purse, clutch, or handbag. Celebs really aren’t any different than us. Another featured article in the magazine titled, Stars – They’re Just Like Us! (except for living in luxury, having personal trainers who can magically make them thin, and being trailed by a nanny and their six-plus kids), shows how they always seem to look fashionable while carrying any size bag.  By doing so, it gives non-celeb women a look that they might want to try (instead of buying the real thing, go for knockoffs – nobody will notice).  I’ve seen many bags that are organized, but I’ve seen a lot that are messy (such as the Today Show’s fourth hour co-host Hoda Kotb’s wallet, just imagine her purse).

For the past few months, I’ve carried a small bag that holds only the essentials: keys, iPhone and lip-gloss.  Unfortunately, my favorite wallet is too big to fit, so I bought a silver case like thisIt has made it so much easier because I can go anywhere and don’t have to wonder if everything will fit in my small bag. I highly recommend getting one.  While smaller purses are nice on the go, I prefer them to be oversized, but this creates a problem for my pack-rat tendencies.  I’m sure that if I look through my bags right now, I’ll find a receipt from last year at the very bottom!

What’s in your bag?

Isabella Louise Anderson is a member of the RWA, and she is the owner of the website Chick Lit Goddess. She resides in Dallas, Texas, where she’s a housewife and mother to 12-year-old cat, Thorndike. A regular contributor at Good Humor Girl, you can read all Isabella's articles and learn more about Isabella.