Who Says Pretty Girls Aren't Funny? 5 Examples to the Contrary

While the "duck face" pose is absurdly amusing to nearly everyone except for the photographic subject, not every pretty girl spends hours in front of the mirror practicing her best saucy pout in anticipation for any lurking camera. Even some of Hollywood's most beautiful stars rely on more than their alluring appearance to make their mark in Tinseltown.

Whether by musical talent or modeling, sheer intelligence, a sharp wit or some perfect storm combination of all of those traits, Hollywood's leading ladies have to catch everyone's eye. Looks without personality generally don't make for a lasting impression, no matter how stunning. Below are five female celebs who have the rare capacity to grasp the eye's immediate attention then proceed to hold you captive with her style and sense of humor.

Brooklyn Decker

One such pretty girl, Brooklyn Decker, a world famous Victoria's Secret model, has chosen to venture outside of the modeling world and has made her mark in the acting realm. Not only has the super model chosen acting as a means to stretch her talent and show more of her sparkling personality, she has taken it a step further and has jumped into the comedy pool. Decker has made guest appearances on such popular television shows as "Ugly Betty," "Chuck," and "Royal Pains," along with a few different films that include "Just Go with It" to help her continue sharpening her comedic skills.

Aubrey Plaza

While Aubrey Plaza's looks are more of a combination of girl-next-door and nerdy than Brooklyn Decker's appearance, she is pretty, smart, witty and speaks to her generation's slightly jaded view of the world. Her stint on NBC's sitcom hit "Parks and Recreation" gives Plaza a chance to deftly show her character's nonchalant and slacker approach to life. Never has eye rolling and frustrated sighing been so endearing as when channeled from Plaza to her character of April, since the audience understands that there are layers to her character that serve to make her identifiable and sympathetic.

Tina Fey

The Queen of Television Comedy, Tina Fey made the transition from sketch writer on "Saturday Night Live" to leading lady on NBC's "30 Rock" look effortless. Her observational wit and screwball humor has always garnered attention from critics and TV watchers; from fart jokes to making Jon Hamm seem less appealing, Fey is a one-woman wrecking crew of comedy. Fey is also known for her spot-on impersonation of Sarah Palin, complete with the glasses and nasally Alaskan accent to go with the politician's sex appeal. Fey has sparked plenty of interest and turned heads as a powerful writer, but its her "sexy nerd" look that also gets the attention it deserves.

Chelsea Handler

The late-night comedienne has made jokes on everything from Rosie O'Donnell's eating habits to her own colorful sex life. Her books have topped best seller lists, and her deadpan delivery and crude outlook on all things relative have given her a unique comedic edge. The sassy funny woman is also known for her blonde hair, toothy smile, and sparkling blue eyes, giving her the classic bombshell look America has known and loved since Mae West. Chelsea Handler is far from all beauty, no brains. She is never far away from dishing out the dirt on her life as well as those she deems opportunistic, such as Angelina Jolie. No one is safe from her comedic wrath.

Elizabeth Banks

Another bombshell that turns on the comedic charm, Elizabeth Banks has injected her zany humor in Hollywood for the past decade. Banks has landed two Emmy nominations for her guest appearances on "30 Rock," topping even the regular crack-ups like Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan. Her memorable roles in "40 Year-Old Virgin" and "Zack and Miri Make A Porno" prove her comedic strengths, and her blonde locks give her the sex appeal of a Hollywood starlet.