Editor’s Pick: Last-Minute Love

Nancy’s Must-Read Choice: Last-Minute Love by Romi Moondi

Romi Narindra is back in the sequel to Year of the Chick. This time, she’s still looking for love, but determined not to try too hard. She goes with her best friend, Laura, and Laura’s boyfriend, Dave, to New York City on what she calls a “no-man trip,” where she plans to have all the fun she can as a single woman.  But her plans are foiled when she meets Dave’s friend, Erik. Despite the fact that Erik is only working in the city temporarily and has a serious girlfriend at home in Denmark, he and Romi really hit it off. But Romi still thinks of her Internet guy, James, often and can’t seem to let him go, even though she only met him once in person, and he still lives thousands of miles away. After the unsuccessful “no-man trip” since she did, in fact, meet a man, Romi goes back to her life in Toronto where she is forced to help with her bridezilla sister’s wedding. On top of that, she hates her corporate job, and she’s working on self-publishing her debut novel, much to her traditional Indian parents’ chagrin. Trying to figure it all out, Romi continues her journey…

I absolutely loved Year of the Chick (so much that it made my top ten chick lit books list), so I was really excited to read Last-Minute Love, and it didn’t disappoint. As I read the sequel, I was still rooting for Romi and hoping that James would come back into the picture somehow. He doesn’t have a very big role in this book, but it is a humorous look at where Romi’s life is now, and it is definitely full of charm. I’m glad that this is a series because it’s great to keep up with Romi, one of my favorite characters. I wasn’t a huge fan of Erik’s and kept hoping that he wouldn’t reappear, but I was happy to see Romi follow her heart and make the “grand gesture” like Cleopatra, who she loves so much. Romi has grown up a bit from the first book to the second, which is a natural character progression. She’s learning from all her experiences and improving herself and her life, making her easy to relate to and admirable. And through it all, her trademark sense of humor remains intact. Last-Minute Love is a page-turner with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. Chick lit fans should add this series to their to-read lists. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Romi Moondi is a Canadian independent author. Her work includes The Book of Awful, NOT Love Poems for Real Life, Year of the Chick: BeginningsYear of the Chick, and Last-Minute Love. For more information, visit Romi’s blog and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.