Letter from the Editor: Reviews

Hi everyone!

I'm writing this to let you know that The Chick Lit Bee will not post book reviews anymore. I've given this a lot of thought and decided that this is the best thing for our blog, for authors, and for readers. Instead of reviews, I'm going to post "Book of the Day" features with the synopsis and cover. This way, readers can decide for themselves if they are interested in reading a book or not. I think every book deserves a chance and deserves exposure, and every book has an audience. I still think book reviews are important, but they are no longer the focus of this blog. I want to help promote as much chick lit as I can here. I'm also going to post "Editor's Pick" and "Contributor's Pick" features where we will share what we loved about books we chose to read and why they are our favorites. 

Authors: If you have sent us your book for review, you will still be featured as a "Book of the Day," but please be patient. I have a huge list of review requests, but I will try my best to feature one of these books every day. 

The Chick Lit Bee will now focus on author interviews, short stories, guest posts, giveaways, contests, and other fun features. This site will continue to be a positive, encouraging, and uplifting place for authors and readers. 

Thank you for reading and supporting The Chick Lit Bee. I really appreciate your interest and all your lovely comments. I enjoy interacting with such a wonderful community of people who share my love for chick lit. 

Have a great weekend!