Character Q&A: Poppy from True Love Way

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In True Love Way, Poppy is an employee at main character Savannah’s bakery, and she’s here today to answer questions in honor of Valentine’s Day!

Are you currently in a relationship? If so, tell us a little bit about your significant other. If not, what are you looking for in a romantic partner?

It's sort of complicated at the moment. I do have my sights set on a certain someone. I’m not quite sure how Savannah would feel about it, though, since she knows him intimately. But I can’t help fancying him! He’s charming and sweet and absolutely gorgeous. And he makes me laugh whenever he visits the bakery. He’s a foodie yet he’s quite fit, just like me. I think we’re compatible in so many ways.

How old were you when you had your first kiss, and can you share what you remember about it?

I was fifteen. My mum and dad sent me to a boarding school (way before Harry Potter was cool) in Hertfordshire, and that’s where I met Roger. We lived in the same house. He attended one of my lacrosse matches and offered to walk me home when it was over. He kissed me then. It was a sweet but brief adolescent romance. I was forced to leave the school two weeks later. Roger and I didn’t keep in touch.

Describe your ideal romantic evening.

I absolutely adore food, so I’d love to go to a classy restaurant for dinner followed by a stroll along the pier. And dessert is a must. If my date can cook a proper Sunday roast with all the trimmings, that would be even better.

What's the best romantic gift you ever received and the best one you ever gave?

My ex-boyfriend wrote a song for me and performed it during his concert at the Electric Ballroom on my birthday. I felt like the most special girl in the whole world, or at the very least in all of London. And on his birthday, I gave him a collection of original, autographed records of The Rolling Stones. That may not sound very romantic, but it was the first time I put an incredible amount of effort into a gift for someone. Rare vinyl albums are not that easy to track down, but it was all for love. Or so I thought.

What's your favorite romantic comedy movie, and why?

Notting Hill. Julia Roberts is my favourite actress, and I’ve always fancied Hugh Grant. This film makes me laugh, cry, and continue my search for my own Will. I’m a sap for a fairytale.

Can you tell us about your worst date ever?

It was my first and last blind date. The guy was a ventriloquist and spoke to me through his puppet for the entire evening. His own mouth never moved. Not once! It was quite remarkable actually, and yet bloody awful at the same time, as you can imagine. Needless to say, I didn’t go on a second date with either dummy.

Have you ever had a secret romance? And if you have, will you share about it here?

I have, but if I tell you about it, then it won’t be a secret anymore. I love the thrill of a covert affair and wouldn’t be opposed to another one…

Thanks, Poppy!

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