Chick Lit On TV: The Carrie Diaries, Episode 4

Nancy's Discussion of The Carrie Diaries, Episode 4

I didn't like last night's episode of The Carrie Diaries. At all. I really, really didn't like it. First of all, "Fright Night" was kind of ridiculous because, hello, it's February, not October. A Halloween episode now was simply out of place. Maybe the show was supposed to be picked up for the Fall, but got pushed to a mid-season replacement. I don't know. But I got past that quickly, and I was looking forward to some parties and costumes and innocent teenage fun. 

Instead, what I got was an episode full of underage drinking and drugs. Yes, that stuff happens, but it was excessive and unnecessary for a show that's in the 8pm time slot on the CW. And it's not so much the fact that it was in the episode, but more of how it was presented and for how long it went on. Basically, the entire episode consisted of Carrie by Larissa's side as Larissa rambled incoherently and passed out repeatedly from being high. Oh, and at one point, she almost jumped off the roof. The whole thing was repulsive, annoying, and as Carrie put it, "exhausting." That's exactly the word to describe this episode. Exhausting. It just went on and on and on without much substance (no pun intended). And Carrie was practically giddy to see Sebastian on her doorstep at the end of the night, which was ridiculous, too. He was there with Mouse, who he gave his pot to, and she got high for the first time in her life. Instead of leaving her, he brought her to Carrie's house and dumped the problem he created on Carrie. What a gentleman. And after that, he was back to calling Carrie by her last name, a sure sign that their relationship is on the mend. He's just so charming, right? Wrong. Not this time. I wasn't buying it. The only reason Sebastian's party even went on as long as it did was because Maggie blackmailed the cop she used to hook up with, who now refuses to have sex with her because he could lose his job and go to jail. I guess he finally woke up. By the end of the night, Maggie and Walt got back together because he's scared to admit that he's gay. 

Something about this show just isn't working. I think it's the huge contrast between Carrie's high school life and her life in the city. It's like there are two different shows being weaved together, and they don't quite gel well together. "Fright Night" was disappointing to say the least, and I hope this show gets better, otherwise I might have to say goodbye to Carrie and her friends. I don't want to give up on it just yet, though. 

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