Book Review: Feng Shui Love

Elise’s Review of Feng Shui Love by Joni Davis and Lisa Hyatt

Joni Davis and Lisa Hyatt make a fresh contribution to the Chick Lit genre with their first novel Feng Shui Love. Published in November 2009 by Palari Publishing, the book follows Lily Chamberlayne as she attempts to pick up the pieces of her life after she discovers (on her second honeymoon) that her seemingly “perfect” husband is having an affair with his assistant. Luckily, for Lily, her eccentric mother Lauraine introduces her to the principles of Feng Shui and helps on the road to recovery of her love life.

After Lily discovers her husband’s affair, she relocates from Washington, D.C. to New York City to reconnect with her best friend, Brooke Bellevue. Together Lily and Brooke attempt to navigate the New York “single’s scene,” with limited success. Lily also meets up with an old high school friend, Will, who has always had a little crush on her. When Lauraine comes to visit the girls in New York City she realizes why they aren’t having any success in the dating world, and gets to work (with the help of Justin, a Feng Shui expert) ridding Brooke’s apartment of negative love energy from failed relationships. With their house in order, love and prosperity begin to find both Brooke and Lily…with a few snags along the way.

Davis and Hyatt create a fast-paced story with non-stop twists and turns. You are definitely in for several surprises as you make your way through this novel! And, as with many chick lit stories, this novel is written from the perspective of the protagonist so we are surprised right along with her as the story unfolds.

If you don’t believe in Feng Shui love, you might just change your mind after reading this book. Davis and Hyatt definitely will have you believing that you need a love rock and your own Feng Shui expert before you finish the last page. Feng Shui Love Child, a sequel to Feng Shui Love, is already in development by the authors.    

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