Introducing Bee Themed Minis

We would like to introduce a new feature to The Chick Lit Bee. Bee Themed Minis are small parts of a fictional short story. We’ll add to the story weekly and we are also asking that you comment on each part and let us know how you think the story should continue. Your idea could make it into our story. How fun is that?! It’s sort of like a chick lit version of Mad Libs. Hopefully, we can all collaborate on a story and the end result will be a cohesive story that has involved our contributors and readers. Without further ado, here’s our first installment.

Bee Cool

Part 1 of A Gussie Willows Story
Written by Nancy

"Just iced tea for now, please. Thanks so much," I told the waitress. "I’m waiting for someone."
"Aren’t we all," she replied, frowning.

My name is Augustine Willows. My friends and family call me Gussie. Not only did I really dislike my name, I disliked it even more when people called me Gus. I tried convincing people who insisted upon using a nickname to call me August or Tina, but those never seemed to stick. Imagine always feeling like the butt of a joke when people said your name. It definitely didn’t do wonders for self-esteem.

I was sitting on the patio of a small café near Market Street in San Francisco waiting for my friend Kayla Darren. She texted me while I was at work and told me to meet her for lunch because she desperately needed to talk. I couldn’t imagine what could be so urgent but it did make me a bit nervous. Kayla and I had been friends since she walked into our 7th grade math class. One of the "popular" kids thought it would be funny to trip her. What a little brat! While everyone pointed and laughed, I walked over and picked up the notebook that had flown from her hands. I noticed that it was covered with pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio. We became friends instantly, of course. After college, I got a job as an assistant for the event planning group at a large hotel downtown and Kayla got her first teaching job. While I put up with filing, answering phones, and running errands, Kayla babysat educated 5th grade kids.

I tried to remain calm, cool, and collected while I people watched and admired the neighborhood’s historic charm. I was drinking the tea that I received from Debbie Downer The Waitress and soaking up the sun that had just peeked through the clouds when I finally saw Kayla walking toward my table. I immediately noticed the black mascara tears streaking her usually flawless complexion. Uh-oh.