Book Review: Hollywood Ending

Nancy’s Review of Hollywood Ending by Lucie Simone

Trina Stewart lives and works in Hollywood but her life is anything but glamorous. She is an English as a Second Language teacher who is waiting for her big break into the production side of the entertainment industry. Her luck begins to change for the better when a gorgeous guy from New Zealand moves into the apartment above hers. But Trina quickly learns that Matiu is only in Hollywood for a short period of time while he takes a scene design class and then he is going back to NZ. It becomes difficult for both of them to deny their obvious attraction to each other despite his looming departure. Lucie Simone’s Hollywood Ending is a novel about finding true love in a city that has a reputation for being the home to many failed relationships.

Matiu is head over heels for Trina from the start but he tries to deny it, even going so far as to reject her advances out of fear that he’ll lose focus on his career if he pursues a relationship with her. Matiu really begins to chase Trina after she spots him at a Hollywood nightclub surrounded by other women and leaves out of jealousy. He must prove to her that he is not "that guy," that it was all a misunderstanding, and that he really does like her. Unfortunately, he’s too late and she has moved on to dating Blake, an aspiring actor. Trina falls hard for Blake while Matiu desperately tries to win her over. It is a typical love triangle that even involves a physical altercation in public between Matiu and Blake. Needless to say, Trina is conflicted and looks to her friend Juliet for much needed advice. Which guy will Trina choose? What about her career? Will Trina get her own happy Hollywood ending?

Trina is an engaging character who will keep readers interested throughout the novel. Matiu seems like a genuine, good guy but his efforts to win Trina over get a bit desperate and pathetic. It is all in the name of love though, so readers will most likely forgive him. Juliet is a fun best friend character who tells it like it is to Trina. After all, what are best friends for? Readers will appreciate her honesty amidst all of the drama. Hollywood Ending is much racier than most chick lit. It is a story that will be enjoyable for fans of both steamy romance novels and chick lit.
Lucie Simone is the author of short story A Taste of Italy and novella The Waterdance. Hollywood Ending is her debut novel and was published by her own independent press Simon and Fig. She also has four book projects in the works and a blog. Lucie will be stopping by on Friday as part of her book blog tour to discuss the process of starting her own press. Stay tuned! In the meantime, you can follow Lucie on Twitter to learn more about her and her upcoming projects. 
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