Book Review: Remember Me?

Nancy’s Review of Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

Lexi Smart has amnesia. When she wakes up in the hospital after a car accident, she thinks it is 2004 when it is actually 2007. She struggles to remember how she went from having the nickname "snaggletooth" and working at a dead-end job to being a successful, wealthy executive with perfect teeth and toned body who is married to a handsome millionaire. Lexi can’t find the pieces to the puzzle that is her life. When she leaves the hospital and returns home with her husband, Eric, she enters a world completely unfamiliar to her. She must adjust to a carb-free diet, a personal shopper, a high-tech loft filled with the most expensive furnishings, a housekeeper, and all new friends.

It is difficult for Lexi to understand how her life changed so drastically. At first, she is appreciative of her glamorous lifestyle but soon discovers that it isn’t all it is cracked up to be. She misses her old friends, chocolate, bread, and most importantly she misses being able to be herself. Eric is controlling and annoying, and despite his best efforts to make Lexi happy, she finds that she is not attracted to him. When she encounters the architect, Jon, who works with Eric and he reveals that she was having an affair with him before she was in the car accident, Lexi is floored. She can’t imagine herself as an unfaithful person, trying to resist Jon’s advances and his stories of their relationship. Everything becomes overwhelming for Lexi and she wonders if she will ever get her memory back or if she will just have to start over again.

Remember Me?
is another fun book from Sophie Kinsella. Like her other books, this one is filled with humor, surprises, and quirky characters. While most readers will not be able to relate to an amnesiac, they will be able to relate to Lexi as someone who realizes she needs to make changes in her life. She is a character who desperately wants to be herself and be true to who she is, even if it is not what is expected of her in the glamorous, new world she finds herself in. Kinsella’s book teaches a valuable lesson in that it reminds us to never lose ourselves or lose sight of what is really important while pursuing success. The characters in Remember Me? are well developed and lively, painting an accurate picture of Lexi’s world. This is not Kinsella’s best novel, but it is worth the read for fans of her work and those just discovering her incredible writing talent.

Kinsella is the New York Times bestselling author of the Shopaholic series as well as The Undomestic Goddess, Can You Keep A Secret?, and Twenties Girl. She also writes under her real name Madeleine Wickham. To learn more about Kinsella and her novels, you can visit and
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