Pretty Little Pocket Full of Secrets: Salt Meets Wound

In last night's episode, "Salt Meets Wound," Hanna arrives home from the hospital with the help of Aria, Emily, and Spencer. Hanna is in a wheelchair and is not able to go back to school yet. She desperately wants a poptart, so she uses one of her crutches to get the box down. When other boxes fall from the shelf too, she discovers thousands of dollars hidden in a box of lasagna noodles. The other girls come back into her house and she tells them to leave. When Hanna's mom comes home, she confronts her about the money and learns that her mom stole it from a customer at the bank to pay the mortgage but intends to pay it back. Elsewhere in Rosewood, Spencer sees Toby and finds out that he is out of jail on bail. At school, Aria tells Ezra that Noel saw them in the car outside of Camp Mona and he promised not to say anything but Ezra isn't convinced. Mona invites the girls to a surprise welcome home party at Hanna's house despite their protests that Hanna won't be up for a party. Noel receives a C on a paper and threatens Ezra to try to get a better grade. Ezra is upset and pulls away from Aria out of concern. He asks her who else knows about them and she lies and tells him that only Noel knows when, in fact, she told Emily, Spencer, and Hanna too. Spencer's boyfriend, Alex, tells her that he has the chance to play professional tennis in Switzerland but he isn't interested in applying for a spot, to her disappointment. Before the party at Hanna's, Emily's parents invite Maya over for dinner to meet her. Emily's dad is much more accepting of Emily's and Maya's relationship than Emily's mom is, who winds up crying in the kitchen and telling Emily that it makes her sick. Maya doesn't want to go to Hanna's party, so Emily goes alone. On her way there, she sees Toby outside of his house. They have a brief conversation revealing that they can't trust each other. After Emily leaves, Jenna comes outside and reveals to Toby that she turned him into the police so that she could bail him out and then he'd be on house arrest and at home with her. He's upset by this. Noel shows up at Hanna's surprise party and she has a flashback to when Alison purposely broke Noel and his girlfriend up so that he would be available for Aria. Lucas also comes to the party even though he hasn't responded to any of Hanna's emails. She wants to study with him but he isn't interested because he's still upset that she put him in the friend zone in the last episode. Lucas picks a fight with Sean, Hanna's boyfriend, but Noel steps in to prevent any actual violence. Hanna goes outside to talk to Lucas who is very upset about how is being treated and reveals that he destroyed Alison's memorial because she was a monster to him in junior high. Hanna tells him that she won't say anything or turn him in but he's still upset and leaves the party. Alex leaves early too when he finds out by email that someone applied for him to the tennis program. He assumes it was Spencer but she denies it. He doesn't believe her. She then gets a text message from A that says A submitted the application. When Spencer gets home, her dad says that he found out that police found Alison's blood at Toby's house, so he thinks Toby will be arrested again. Spencer then discovers a tag on one of Ian's bags from a resort in South Carolina. She has a flashback to when Alison came home from a supposed trip to visit her grandma in Georgia and had the same tag on her luggage. After the party at Hanna's ends and her mom comes home, they discover that the money in the lasagna box was stolen. Her mom is very upset. Hanna finds some of the money in one of her pill bottles with a note from A that she'll get all of it back if she cooperates with A. The episode ends with black gloved hands stuffing all of the money into a clown piggy bank.
As usual, I really enjoyed this episode. My favorite scene was between Hanna and Lucas when he revealed that he destroyed Alison's memorial. I loved the emotion of the scene and I love the friendship between them. It's unusual but somehow it works and you get the sense that they are meant to be together, if only as friends. I am really glad that Toby came back for this episode. I wish the scene where he talked to Emily had been longer but I have a feeling we'll get to see more of them together in future episodes. Again, another unusual friendship that I really like. The Aria and Ezra relationship (Ezria) has gotten a bit boring. They are so afraid to be together now since people have found out that it ruins the chemistry between them. I wonder if they will wind up breaking up soon out of fear. Now I think that A is Jenna or Ian and Melissa together. Originally, I suspected Jenna as A but then it didn't seem like it could be her but now I'm back to thinking maybe it is. Another likely possibility is Ian and Melissa as a team. In the last episode, Hanna mentioned that A could be more than one person. I think that was a big clue, especially since now Spencer is discovering that Ian and Alison were together because of the South Carolina luggage tags. I really doubt that Noel is A. I think he is just upset that his girlfriend dumped him because of Alison and now that he's trying to date Aria, she is rejecting him for a teacher. I think he's harmless though. I'm not really on board with the Spencer and Alex relationship. I think it's lacking and they don't really have a spark. I wonder what trouble A will cause in next week's episode "Know Your Frenemies." Looking forward to it!
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